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Self-improvement. Leaping over the Dragon's Gate

Self-improvement. Leaping over the Dragon's Gate

In traditional Chinese culture, the dragon symbolises power, nobility and honour. It is a sign of good fortune and success. As the dynamic Year of the Dragon approaches, have you set goals for yourself to take your career to new heights? Or to improve yourself physically and mentally?

You may have many plans in mind and even be ready to execute them, but perhaps you need help finding a good starting point. In fact, even major transformations can start with setting small, achievable goals and gradually realising your big plans over time as you proceed through this promising Dragon Year.

Small Habits Can Lead to Big Changes

Our destiny is shaped by our habits. As long as you are willing to devote time and effort, even small changes can enrich your mind and broaden your horizons. Exposing yourself to new things expands your worldview. For example, learning a new language, calligraphy, Chinese tea tasting, specialty coffee, etc. Developing these into habits will gradually uncover more aspects of yourself and set you on a unique new life journey.

Health of Body and Mind is Paramount

In addition to accumulating skills, physical and mental health is also fundamental. You can start improving your physical body through Pilates or simple stretching to gradually condition your muscles, improve your posture, and boost your strength while relieving stress. At the same time, incorporating nutritional studies with nutritional food therapy and supplements can help lift your body into peak condition.

Uplifting skills and thoughts as well as nurturing your health are the cornerstones to seizing new opportunities. Only through continuous self-improvement can we unleash our true potential, take on different challenges and build a better tomorrow.

Our new spring prospectus is now available, and you can download a digital version here. As your lifelong learning partner, HKU SPACE will continue working and learning together with you. Wishing everyone a prosperous Year of the Dragon and success in overcoming obstacles!







技能及思想的提升、健康的身心是面對新機遇的基石,只有持之以恆的自我增值,才能激發潛能,迎接不一樣的挑戰,構建下一個明天。最新一期春季課程手冊現已出版,歡迎按此下載電子版本。新一年,HKU SPACE將繼續與大家學習不停步,成為你終身學習的最佳拍檔,亦在此祝福各位鯉躍龍門,龍年行大運!

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