HKU SPACE 2023 Spring Prospectus

Welcome to the Prospectus this season 歡迎閱覽本學院全新一季的課程手冊 With more than 1,000 programmes categorised into 81 interest areas, you will find one that suits your needs and interests. 本手冊刊載了81個興趣學科逾1,000項課程,能讓您找到 切合自己需要和感興趣的選擇。 Class arrangement during COVID-19 The COVID-19 situation may still be fluid and constantly affect class arrangements in the coming months. The health and safety of our students will always be our top priority. To ensure that students’ academic progress is not affected, the School may substitute face-to-face classes with online teaching if necessary in the event that face-to-face classes cannot be held. Our respective Programme Teams will contact the students concerned with details of such arrangements as necessary. 新型冠狀病毒影響下的課堂安排 在新型冠狀病毒疫情不穩定的狀態下,未來數月可能持續影響我們的課堂安排。學院一向以學員的健康及個人安全為首要考慮,為確保學生的學習 進度不受影響,學院有可能需要按有關指引將面授課堂改為網上授課。如出現此等情況,課程組別同事將會儘快聯絡學員有關安排的詳情。 HKU SPACE Vaccine Pass To minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission in learning centres and offices and to keep the HKU SPACE community safe, access to the HKU campus or HKU SPACE premises will need to comply with the tightened measures in line with the University. Please refer to details on implementation on our Website/Learner Portal and please do note that there may be further updates from time to time to take account of possible changes in the Government guidelines and University arrangements. 香港大學專業進修學院「疫苗通行證」 為防範及控制2019冠狀病毒病的傳播以及保障學院學員及員工的安全,進入香港大學校園或香港大學專業進修學院處所,皆須遵從與香港大學一 致的收緊防疫措施,請密切留意學院網頁及學員網站公佈的具體細節,並須留意有關運作可能不時跟隨政府及大學的安排而作調整。 Colleges and Part-time Programmes 學院及兼讀制課程 026 The Colleges 學院 029 Programme Index 課程索引 041 Accounting & Finance 會計及金融 073 Architecture, Environment & Housing 建築、房屋及建造環境 082 Arts, Design & Culture 藝術、設計及文化 100 Aviation, Transport and Logistics 航空、交通及物流 104 Business & Management 商業及管理 126 Chinese Medicine 中醫學 136 Computing and Data Science 電腦運算及數據科學 144 Engineering and Science 工程及科學 153 Healthcare, Sport and Wellness 健康護理、體育及健康 181 Hospitality, Tourism & Events 款客、旅遊及活動 192 Languages 語言 224 Law 法律 228 Marketing 市場營銷學 238 Social Sciences 社會科學 Studying in HKU SPACE 學在 HKU SPACE 012 Overview 概述 012 Equal Opportunity 平等機會 014 Data Privacy Policy 個人資料私隱政策 015 Application and Admission 申請及取錄 016 Payment Methods 付款方法 017 Financial Assistance 進修資助 019 Academic Matters 學術方面的安排 020 General Matters 一般事項 022 Enrolment/Learning Centres 報名/ 教學中心 Full-time Programmes, Centres and Other Professional Activities 全日制課程、中心及其他專業活動 260 Full-time Programmes 全日制課程 263 Our Partners 學院夥伴 264 University of London Programmes 倫敦大學課程 265 University of Leicester Programmes 萊斯特大學課程 266 Maisy Ho Centre for Teaching and Learning 何超蕸教與學中心 266 Centre for Logistics and Transport 物流及運輸課程中心 267 Mainland China Operations 中國內地課程 268 Senior Executive Academy 企業研究院 269 Clinics 中醫、營養學教研中心 271 HKU SPACE Alumni & Foundation 香港大學專業進修學院校友會 及基金 Enrolment Form 報名表格 III II I 004 About the School 有關學院 009 Facts and Figures 資料概況 009 International Recognition 國際認可 008 Major Milestones 主要發展里程 Contents 目錄 007 Governance 學院管理 003 Message from the Director 院長序言

Subject Index | 學科索引 Accounting & Finance 會計及金融 041 Accounting 會計學 049 Corporate Governance 企業管治 051 Environmental, Social and Governance 環境、社會及管治 052 Family Office 家族辦公室 052 Finance and Compliance 金融法規 057 Financial Services and Insurance 金融服務和保險 059 FinTech and Financial Intelligence 金融科技 064 Investment Management 投資管理 071 Risk Management 風險管理 Architecture,Environment&Housing 建築、房屋及建造環境 073 Alternative Dispute Resolution 非訴訟式紛爭解決方法 074 Architecture 建築 076 Construction, Safety & Built Environment 建造、安全及環境管理 079 Digitial Building Design 數碼建築設計 079 Heritage Conservation & Management 文化遺產保育及管理 080 Housing & Property 房屋及地產 Arts, Design & Culture 藝術、設計及文化 082 Arts Management 藝術管理 083 Chinese Art 中國美術 087 Culture & Philosophy 文化及哲學 088 Design 設計 091 Performing Arts 表演藝術 096 Religion 宗教 097 Western Art 西方美術 Aviation, Transport and Logistics 航空、交通及物流 100 Aviation Operations and Management 航空營運及管理 101 Aviation Engineering and Technology 航空工程及科技 102 Aviation Piloting 航空及飛行 103 Logistics and Transport 物流及交通 Business & Management 商業及管理 104 Business Management 管理學 106 Human Capital and Leadership 人力資本及領導力 116 Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship 創新、創意及創業 121 Supply Chain and Logistics Management 供應鏈管理 124 Workplace Psychology and Well-being 職場心理學及健康 Chinese Medicine 中醫學 126 Acupuncture and Tui-Na 針灸及推拿 129 Chinese Medicine Health Maintenance 中醫藥保健 132 Chinese Medicine Pharmaceutics 中藥學 134 Traditional Chinese Medicine 中醫 Computing and Data Science 電腦運算及數據科學 136 Advanced Technology and Computing 先進科技及電腦運算 141 Cyber Security 網絡保安 141 Data Science 數據科學 142 Digital Content Production 數碼內容製作 143 eSports Technology 電競科技 143 Smart Wellness 智慧健康 Engineering and Science 工程及科學 144 Engineering 工程學 147 General and Environmental Sciences 普及與環境科學 148 Green Technology and Sustainability 綠色科技與可持續發展 149 Library and Information Studies 圖書館及資訊科學 152 Molecular Genomics 分子基因學 152 Statistics 統計學 Healthcare, Sport andWellness 健康護理、體育及健康 153 Beauty Study, Cosmetics and Aesthetics Application 美容學、化妝品學及美學應用 153 Complementary and Integrative Medicine 補充和整合醫學 154 Dietetics and Nutrition 營養學 162 Food Science 食物科學 163 Geriatric Care 老年護理 164 Health Management 健康管理 164 Holistic Wellness 全人健康 165 Medical Sciences 醫療科學 168 Nursing Studies and Healthcare 護理學及健康護理 170 Pharmaceutical Studies 藥物科學 172 Rehabilitation 復康專科 173 Sports, Exercise and Recreation Management 體育、運動及康樂 Hospitality, Tourism & Events 款客、旅遊及活動 181 Business & Live Entertainment Events 商業及現場娛樂活動 183 Business Aviation Management 商業航空管理 184 Hospitality & Tourism Management 酒店及旅遊業管理 189 Professional Butler & Luxury Lifestyle 專業管家及奢侈品服務 190 Wine, Spirits, Sake & Coffee 葡萄酒、烈酒、清酒及咖啡 Languages 語言 192 Chinese 中文 198 English 英文 209 European 歐洲語言 216 Japanese 日語 219 Korean 韓語 222 Other Languages 其他語言 223 Translation 翻譯 Law 法律 224 Professional Law Courses 專業法律課程 Marketing 市場營銷學 228 Digital and Social Media Marketing 數碼及社交媒體推廣 233 Marketing Communications and Branding 營銷傳播及品牌 236 Retail, Fashion and Luxury Brand Management 零售、時裝及奢侈品品牌管理 Social Sciences 社會科學 238 Education 教育 242 Education ( Docent Training ) 教育(導賞員訓練) 245 Media & Communication 媒體及傳播學 250 Political Sciences and Public Administration 政治及公共行政 253 Psychology & Counselling 心理學及輔導 257 Social Sciences 社會科學

003 William K. M. Lee 李經文 Director 院長 Message from the Director 院長序言 In line with our efforts to enhance the student experience and provide learners with a personalised browsing experience, our Website Account Logon System (which may be the first-of-its-kind in the education sector in Hong Kong) was launched in September 2022. Students are encouraged to sign up an account on the website to browse personalised programme and event suggestions and receive related personalised emails. Some new functions are also introduced such as bookmarks and comparisons and quick event registration. Our College of Business and Finance and some Community College staff have moved to the new learning centre in Kowloon West. This is situated at 888 Lai Chi Kok Road. We anticipate that teaching will commence there in the first quarter of 2023. The property is adjacent to the MTR for easy access and will increase the number of learning centres in Kowloon. The School is preparing to introduce Microcredentials at HKU SPACE to better serve the learning community. This is a world-wide trend to offer learners short, standalone courses that are relevant to careers and professions or indeed for general interest. A digital certificate or digital badge is issued to successful learners. These awards are also “stackable” in that learners may accumulate them to earn a certificate or diploma. We would like to provide more study flexibility for our learners and target to launch the Microcredentials scheme in first quarter of 2023. On our full-time education provision, the 2022/23 academic year has seen higher admission and enrolment numbers for the Community College this year despite the demographic decline amongst the school leaving population. This reflects the high quality of subdegree education in the past 20 years. Moreover, in light of EDB’s current reform process on self-financed post-secondary education, and as a forward-looking institution, HKU SPACE Community College regularly reviews its strategy, operations and academic offerings to meet student needs and the future development of the College. In relation to international benchmarking, we will hold our 2nd International Conference in March 2023. Local and international educators and professionals from academia and industry will share their experience and discuss how different programmes can enhance the learning experience. We were also pleased to receive formal recognition from the German Quality Agency, ASIIN, as a follow up to our International Quality Review in 2021. HKU SPACE continues to offer the largest and broadest selection of CEF courses. The Government has raised the subsidy ceiling of the Continuing Education Fund (CEF) from $20,000 to $25,000 per applicant and removed the upper age limit on 1 August 2022. This new initiative will benefit 760 000 more eligible persons as well as those who have opened a CEF account. We hope more learners will be able to take advantage of this enhanced financial support for lifelong learners. The School ant icipates that the coming year may see many changes as the Government seeks to reform the Post Secondary Colleges Ordinance (Cap 320) to include the University self financed, continuing education sector. In addition, we will also hope to pursue further initiatives in the Greater Bay Area (GBA). I will look forward to updating readers on progress as 2023 unfolds. In the meantime, I commend this Prospectus to those who wish to pursue lifelong learning, be it for career and professional reasons, or for general interest. I am sure you will find courses that meet your needs in this publication and on our website. 香港大學專業進修學院一直致力提升學生體驗,我們於2022年 9月推出網站帳戶登入系統,為學員提供個人化的瀏覽體驗。這 可算是香港首個可供使用者建立帳戶的高等教育機構網站,開創 了本港教育界的先河。我們鼓勵學生在網站開設帳戶,以瀏覽個 人化的課程和活動建議及接收相關的個人化電郵;網站也加設了 新功能,例如加入書籤、課程比較及快速活動登記,使瀏覽更輕 鬆、更便捷。 金融商業學院及香港大學附屬學院的部分員工已遷往位於九龍西 荔枝角道888號的新教學中心。我們預計教學中心於2023年首 季開始投入教學工作。該物業毗鄰港鐵站,交通方便,讓學院在 九龍區再添一間教學中心。 香港大學專業進修學院正準備引入微證書計劃,為有志進修人士 提供更便利的學習模式。微證書是一股全球新趨勢 —— 為進修 人士提供短期獨立課程,以提升事業及專業或培養興趣,畢業 同學可獲頒發數碼證書或徽章。這些數碼證書或徽章是「可堆疊 的」,學員可以積累學分以獲得證書或文憑資格。我們希望為學 員提供更具彈性的學習模式,目標是在2023年第一季度推出微 證書計劃。 在全日制課程方面,面對中學畢業生人數減少,香港大學附屬學 院在2022/23學年的入學和報名數字仍有所增長,足見過去20 年我們的副學位課程質素廣受社會認可。不僅如此,因應教育局 最近的專上教育改革,作為一所前瞻性的教育機構,香港大學附 屬學院定期檢討其策略、運作及課程,以配合學生需要及附屬學 院的未來發展。 至於國際基準參照方面,我們將於2023年3月舉辦第二次國際 學術會議,邀請來自學界及各行業的本地及國際教育工作者及專 業人士分享經驗,並討論如何提升不同課程的學習體驗。另外, 跟進學院在2021年進行的國際學術質素評審結果,我們非常榮 幸獲得德國認證機構ASIIN(工程、信息科學、自然科學和數學 專業認證機構)的官方認證。 香港大學專業進修學院是本港最大及最多元化的持續進修基金課 程提供者。香港特區政府已於2022年8月1日把持續進修基金的 資助上限由每人20,000元提升至25,000元,並取消年齡上限。 新措施將惠及額外76萬名合資格人士及已開立持續進修基金帳 戶的市民。我們希望更多學員能運用額外的資助,實踐他們終身 學習的志向。 香港特區政府銳意改革《專上學院條例》(第320章)。作為自資 院校及持續教育界的一員,學院預計明年將是充滿變動的一年。 此外,我們希望在大灣區有更進一步的發展,期待明年向各位匯 報更多進展。 我誠意向各位有志終身學習的朋友推介這本課程手冊。無論您希 望在事業或專業上更上一層樓,還是發展新的興趣,也定能在本 課程手冊及我們的網站找到合適的課程。

004 We are HKU SPACE “Lifelong Learning for a Better Future” 我們是HKU SPACE 「終身學習開創更美好未來」 In fulfilling the mission of The University of Hong Kong in extending lifelong learning opportunities for the community, HKU SPACE aspires to be a world-class centre of excellence for the provision of professional and continuing education in Hong Kong, Mainland China and the region. • C ollaborate with the University and other institutions locally and globally in expanding lifelong learning opportunities for personal development, academic progression and professional and career advancement • E ngage with stakeholders to deliver high quality education and training programmes to meet the needs of society in Hong Kong, Mainland China and the region • B e a strong advocate of lifelong learning for all to realise an educated citizenry and quality of life • E xcel in the provision of professional and continuing education in Hong Kong, Mainland China and the region • F oster strategic partnerships locally and globally to promote international outlook and opportunities • Supportive of our learners, our staff and our partners • Pioneering new initiatives and passionate for change • Accountable to stakeholders with professionalism and integrity • Creative and innovative in teaching and learning • Excellent in the quality of what we do to serve our communities 為完成香港大學致力為社會開拓終身學習機會的使命,香港大學專 業進修學院矢志成為一所領導國際的教育機構,為香港、中國內地 以至亞太地區提供專業而優質的持續教育。 •聯 同香港大學、本地及海外機構,開拓終身學習機會,以助提升 個人、學業、專業及事業方面的發展 •與 不同界別的持份者攜手合作,了解本港、中國內地,以至亞太 地區的人才需求,提供卓越的教育及培訓 •推動終身學習,實現具公民學養及生活優裕的社會 •提 供優質教育,服務本地、中國內地,以至亞太地區社群 •促進與本地及全球策略伙伴合作,放眼國際,開拓機遇 •全 力支持學員、同事及合作伙伴 •敢 於開拓、奮發求進 •勇 於承擔,以專業至誠的態度向持份者負責 •致 力創新,達致教學相長 •卓 越超群,以優質教學服務社會 OUR VISION • 願景 OUR MISSION • 使命 OUR VALUES • 信念 About the School 有關學院

005 About the School 有關學院 History The University of Hong Kong’s Department of Extra Mural Studies (DEMS) was established in 1956/57, the first continuing education unit in a university in the region. DEMS played a significant role in the University’s provision of lifelong learning opportunities for the wider community and, in 1992, it was renamed as the School of Professional and Continuing Education (HKU SPACE). The University has a recognised role in lifelong learning and, as the continuing education arm of the University, HKU SPACE fulfils this part of the University’s mission by providing learning opportunities for personal, professional and career advancement for people from all walks of life. With some 900 full-time staff members and around 2,000 part-time teachers, HKU SPACE is one of the leading local providers in continuing education. Course enrolments since 1957 have exceeded 3 million, with annual course enrolment of over 93,000 in 2021/22, representing a full-time equivalent student load of 23,480. The School collaborates closely with the other faculties and departments of the University to offer timely and relevant courses that meet society’s needs to update education and skills for the knowledge economy. The global dimension is also important and the School has an extensive network of international universities with whom it collaborates. 歷史悠久 於1956/57年,香港大學成立亞太地區首個致力提供終身學習機會的校外課 程部,並於1992年正式易名為香港大學專業進修學院。作為香港大學的一 員,學院秉承大學重視終身學習的理念,為社會各界提供有助個人、專業發 展的進修機會。 擁有約900名全職員工及約2,000名兼職導師,香港大學專業進修學院在 本港的持續教育界擔當領導角色。自創校以來,報讀學院課程人次已逾 300萬,於2021/22年,報讀人次超越93,000,相當於23,480名全日制 學生。學院將繼續與香港大學的其他學系及部門緊密合作,提供最切合知識 型經濟社會需要的課程。學院深明與國際接軌的重要,現有的龐大國際學府 網絡,有助發展國際化課程。 Quality support for learners A hallmark of the HKU SPACE programmes is that they are designed and managed by the full-time academic staff of the School and supported by the excellent corps of part-time teachers. The School’s Quality Assurance mechanisms have been reviewed by the University as well as by external agencies and have been described as “exemplary”. The School, in its Strategic Plan, has committed itself to being a quality provider in terms of its academic programmes as well as in providing quality support to students through good teaching and well-designed learning centre facilities. The information age has brought exciting new learning possibilities. The School has developed a webbased, online learning platform, SOUL 2.0, to provide students and teachers with an effective means of communicating with each other for teaching and learning purposes. SOUL mobile learning services are also provided to support students and teachers for ubiquitous learning. The School is also actively extending its range of e-courses which has become a necessity as face to face teaching has been disrupted by the COVID-19 virus. 優質學習支援 學院開辦的課程均由全職教員設計及管理,並由優秀的兼職教師團隊教授。 學院的學術質素保證機制經過香港大學內部及校外機構評審,獲評為業界典 範。學院在發展策略中亦訂下明確目標,致力為學員提供優質課程、專業教 學及完善設備,以實踐學院作為具質素服務保證院校的承諾。現今資訊科技 發展迅速,為學習帶來更多可能性。學院開發的網上學習平台 SOUL 2.0,有 助強化老師與學員間教與學的網絡互動效益;而SOUL流動應用程式令學員 和教師可更靈活及有效地教與學。學院正積極開拓更多元網上課程,在面授 課程備受新型冠狀病毒影響下,此發展更為必要。

006 About the School 有關學院 External Quality Assurance The University Grants Committee, via its Quality Assurance Council, carries out a comprehensive review of the University’s provision on a regular basis. The most recent report (published in February 2019) commended the School’s excellent governance and management policies and procedures, its comprehensive and effective QA processes, the committed, professional and enthusiastic staff as well as student satisfaction on their learning experience. The University also reviewed HKU SPACE in late 2019 and commended its supplementary and complementary role in delivering the University Mission in providing lifelong learning opportunities to the wider community. An International Quality Review in 2021 concluded that HKU SPACE met all the ten European standards for quality. This was formally recognised by the German Quality Agency, ASIIN, in July 2022. 外部質素保證 大學教育資助委員會轄下的質素保證局定期就大學的課程質素進行全面的評 核。其最近發表的報告(2019年2月)高度讚揚學院不僅具備完善的管理政策 及程序,且質素保證制度全面及有效,並嘉許教學人員盡心竭力、熱誠投入 的專業精神,學員對學習體驗亦感到非常滿意。此外,香港大學於2019年年 底亦對學院進行了全面檢討,並讚揚學院能夠有效補充香港大學為社會提供 終身學習使命的角色。而於2021年進行的國際學術質素評審結果亦顯示,學 院全面達到歐洲學術質素標準,並於2022年7月獲得德國認證機構ASIIN(工 程、信息科學、自然科學和數學專業認證機構)的官方認證。 Communication and feedback from teachers and learners HKU SPACE views effective communication with its community as one of its top priorities. Feedback from students and teachers is highly valued and plays an important role in the process of monitoring as well as improving the quality of the programmes and services offered by the School. There are various formal and informal means of communication for students and teachers to channel their feedback to the School and to assist in the quality assurance process. All cases are handled in strict confidence and dealt with sensitively. 教與學更緊密溝通 學員及導師的反饋是有效監察、確保課程質素及完善服務不可或缺的,亦是 學院最珍視的一環。學院提供多條反映意見的渠道,以助學院精益求精,而 所有個案均保密處理。 Organisation of the School The University manages the affairs of the School through a non-profit-making company limited by guarantee which has a Board of Directors that draws its members from the University itself and from the wider community. The School’s academic programmes are monitored by the University Senate through the Board for Continuing and Professional Education and Lifelong Learning. Internally, the School has a Collegiate organisation. The wide range of part-time courses offered at all academic levels are organised under 23 subject groups allocated among three Colleges: of Business and Finance (CBF), Humanities and Law (CHL) and Life Sciences and Technology (CLST). These three colleges also offer full-time overseas degree courses. All the Colleges offer award bearing programmes as well as non-award bearing programmes (including Executive Certificates and Diplomas). The HKU SPACE Senior Executive Academy (SEA) focuses on Executive Education. The Institute for China Business (ICB) has five centres through which it coordinates the School’s programmes offered in Mainland China. The Community College (CC) is responsible for full-time subdegree courses. The HKU SPACE Po Leung Kuk Stanley Ho Community College (HPSHCC) is a joint venture with a leading charitable association, Po Leung Kuk and also offers full time sub-degree courses. 學院管治架構 香港大學專業進修學院為非牟利擔保有限公司,直屬於香港大學,並由大學 授權學院董事局處理學院事務。學院董事局成員包括大學代表及社會人士。 學院課程的制定、批核及監察,則由香港大學教務委員會透過持續專業教育 及終生學習委員會負責。學院提供涵蓋23種不同學科、不同程度的兼讀制課 程及全日制本地及海外學位課程,分別由金融商業學院、人文及法律學院與 生命科學及科技學院主理。所有學院均有開辦學銜與非學銜頒授課程(包括 行政人員證書和文憑)。HKU SPACE Senior Executive Academy (SEA) 致力 提供行政人員專業課程。在中國內地,學院透過中國商業學院的五所教學中 心開辦不同商業課程。香港大學附屬學院則提供全日制副學位課程。此外, 學院與慈善機構保良局合辦的香港大學專業進修學院保良局何鴻燊社區書院 亦有提供全日制副學位課程。 Taking the School to the community HKU SPACE has a long history of locating its teaching and learning facilities at convenient downtown centres so as to better serve the community. Its flagship location is in the Admiralty area where it has premises in the Admiralty Centre (2/F and 3/F) and United Centre (6/F). The School also uses its Community College campus at Kowloon Bay and the HPSHCC Campus at Causeway Bay for both full-time and part-time students. A new campus in Kowloon West (NCB Innovation Centre, 888 Lai Chi Kok Road) will be opening with advanced classrooms and learning facilities in early 2023. Additionally, there is the Island East Campus in North Point as well as the Fortress Tower Learning Centre. The University’s Main Campus facilities are also available for evening classes. The Island South Campus in Pokfulam is a centre for Innovation and Technology. 走進社區 學院的教學中心,位處社區樞紐地段,除金鐘海富中心二及三樓、統一中心 六樓外,位於九龍灣的港大附屬學院和銅鑼灣的港大保良何鴻燊社區書院 校舍,亦可供全日制和兼讀制學生使用。全新的西九龍教學中心(位於荔枝 角道888號的南商金融創新中心)設有先進的課室及學習設施,將於2023年 初正式啟用。 學院另於北角設有港島東分校及北角城教學中心,香港大學本部設施亦可供 學院晚間課程使用。位於薄扶林的港島南教學中心為創新及科技中心。 Global perspective HKU SPACE collaborates with a wide range of academic and professional institutions globally (in the UK, Australia, the USA, Mainland China) and in Hong Kong. The School will continue to explore opportunities for further cooperation with reputable institutions, both local and overseas, in order to offer a greater variety of high quality and relevant programmes to students. In Mainland China, via ICB, HKU SPACE offers training programmes for professionals and senior executives in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chengdu through a diverse range of professional and senior-executive level programmes with an emphasis on different business and management disciplines. 國際協作 學院與世界各地包括英國、澳洲、美國、中國內地和本港多所學術及專業機 構合作。未來學院會進一步開拓與其他本地及海內外知名學府的合作機會, 以發展更多元、更切合學員需要的優質課程。學院亦透過中國商業學院, 於廣州、北京、上海、深圳及成都,開辦多個具專業及高層領導程度的商業 及管理學課程。 Future development HKU SPACE will strive to maintain its leading role in continuing education in Hong Kong, Mainland China and the region. It acts as an extension arm of the University to deliver HKU’s mission and role in providing lifelong learning opportunities to the wider community. 展望未來 學院將致力保持於香港、中國內地,以至亞太地區持續教育界的領導地位, 繼續秉承大學的理念,為社會各界提供優質的終身學習機會。

007 Governance 學院管理 Members of the HKU SPACE Company Limited by Guarantee 香港大學專業進修學院擔保有限公司成員 The President & Vice-Chancellor of the University of Hong Kong 香港大學校長 Professor Xiang Zhang 張翔教授 The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education and a Vice-President & Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University of Hong Kong 香港大學專業進修學院董事局主席 及 香港大學副校長 Professor Ian Holliday 何立仁教授 The University of Hong Kong 香港大學 represented by the Registrar, Ms Jeannie W. S. Tsang 由香港大學教務長曾詠詩女士代表 The Director of Finance of the University of Hong Kong 香港大學財務處長 Mr Tony T. S. Lo 勞同聲先生 The Director of the HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education 香港大學專業進修學院院長 Professor William K. M. Lee 李經文教授 Board of Directors 董事局 Chairman 主席 Professor Ian Holliday 何立仁教授 Members 委員 Professor Ying Shing Chan 陳應城教授 Professor William K. M. Lee 李經文教授 Professor Norman C. Tien 田之楠教授 Mr Andrew K. K. Wu 胡國強先生 Ms Barbara C. M. Chiu 招卓敏女士 Mr Tony T. S. Lo 勞同聲先生 Dr Maurice K. S. Tse 謝國生博士 Mr Sunny K. Yeung 楊光先生 Dr Gordon K. C. Chiu 趙啟聰醫生 Ms Ginny W. Y. Man 文頴怡女士 Professor Alice S. T. Wong 黃思齊教授 Professor Pauline Chiu 趙寶貽教授 Mrs Mona C. F. Tam 譚張翠芬女士 Professor Richard Y. C. Wong 王于漸教授 Secretary 秘書 Dr John Cribbin 祁樂彬博士 Board for Continuing and Professional Education and Lifelong Learning 持續專業教育及終生學習委員會 Chairman 主席 Professor Ian Holliday 何立仁教授 Members 委員 Dr Bruce S. N. Cheung 張少能博士 Dr Martin C. H. Cheung 張知恒博士 Professor Stephen Y. W. Chu 朱耀偉教授 Dr John Cribbin 祁樂彬博士 Professor William K. M. Lee 李經文教授 Dr Francis C. C. Ling 凌志聰博士 Professor Sonny S. H. Lo 盧兆興教授 Ms Ginny W. Y. Man 文頴怡女士 Dr M. F. Pang 彭明輝博士 Professor K. P. Wong 王傑邦教授 Dr John Yeung 楊顯中博士 Professor Bennett C. K. Yim 嚴志堅教授 In Attendance 列席 Ms Deborah W. C. Ng 伍慧珠女士 Secretary 秘書 Ms Vivian T. V. Wong 黃天慧女士 Directorate 院長室 Director 院長 Professor William K. M. Lee 李經文教授 BA Toronto; MA Windsor ; PhD Toronto Deputy Director (Administration and Resources) 常務副院長(行政及資源) Dr Dorothy T. F. Chan 陳阮德徽博士 BSocSc, MSocSc, PhD HK; Hon. Fellow CILT; BBS Deputy Director (Academic Services) 常務副院長(學務) Dr John Cribbin 祁樂彬博士 BSc UCL; MSc Leic; EdD Nott ; Hon. Fellow Lon Deputy Director and Acting Community College Principal 常務副院長暨署理附屬學院校長 Professor Sonny S. H. Lo 盧兆興教授 BA York(Can) ; MA Wat ; PhD Toronto

008 Major Milestones 主要發展里程

009 HKU SPACE has undergone an International Quality Review (IQR) against the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG) in October 2021. The report shows that the School has ful lled all 10 ESG criteria, and is praised by the panel that “HKU SPACE presents a well-articulated and compelling Vision, Mission and Values Statement (VMV)” and “its societal relevance cannot be underestimated and has to be highly commended”. Finally the Panel concluded the HKU SPACE has a strong base to build on and promising potential of further developing into a World Class Centre of Excellence in Continuing Education, Lifelong Learning and Transnational Education. HKU SPACE has fully achieved the European Standards for Quality and is recognised as having world-class quality in professional and continuing education. Trust in us as your lifelong learning partner! 學院於2021年10月參照歐洲高等教育區質素 保證標準及指引(ESG – the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area)而進行 的國際學術質素評審(International Quality Review)經已圓滿完成。評審結果顯示,學 院完全符合全部共十個ESG評審範疇;評審小 組亦讚揚「學院展現了清晰有力的願景、使命 和信念」,「其與社會的聯繫不容忽視,值得 高度表揚」。評審小組總結認為學院具備穩健 根基和深遠潛力,可望進一步於持續教育、終 身學習和跨國教育的領域成為領導國際的優質 學府。 香港大學專業進修學院 全面達到歐洲學術質素標準 HKU SPACE has fully achieved the European Standards for Quality 3,200,000 332,000 1,048 2021 / 2022 23,480 16,862 606,000 2021 / 2022 Panel c 院完全符合全部共十個ESG評審範疇;評審小 Facts and Figures 資料概況 International Recognition 國際認可

010 Studying in HKU SPACE 學在 HKU SPACE

011 Studying in HKU SPACE 學在 HKU SPACE

012 Studying in HKU SPACE 學在 HKU SPACE Studying in HKU SPACE 學在 HKU SPACE This guide is for the information of students who undertake courses in HKU SPACE, award-bearing and non-award-bearing, credit or non-credit. As a general rule, the School follows University policy and these guidelines are to inform the student body in HKU SPACE as to expectations of behaviours from students and consequences where infractions occur. 本指引供在香港大學專業進修學院修讀課程的學生作參考,並適用於各學銜 或非學銜,學分或非學分制課程。一般而言,本學院緊隨大學政策,以下各 指引旨在讓本院學生們更清楚明瞭對他們日常行為的合理期望,以及違規的 後果。 Overview 概述 The School is commi tted to creat ing, promot ing and maintaining an environment of equality of opportunity for students and staff, free of any discrimination or harassment. Hitherto, the School has been concerned mainly to engage students with a disability to ascertain how, and to what extent, it can help to meet their learning needs. However, equality of opportunity and freedom from harassment has many dimensions as outlined below: 本院致力為學生及教職員創造、推廣及維持一個提供平等機會而沒有任何歧 視或騷擾的環境。 本院一向注重與殘疾學生達致共融,確保在方式及程度上盡量滿足他們的學 習需要。除此之外,學生能在以下各範疇享有平等機會及不受騷擾的自由亦 是我們所關注的: Equal Opportunity 平等機會 The School supports equal opportunity and strongly opposes discrimination/ harassment. Students are treated equally without discrimination on the grounds of age, gender, race, nationality, marital status, pregnancy, breastfeeding, disability, sexual orientation and family status. The School is committed to providing a learning environment where there is no barrier to equal opportunity. Harassment will cause an uncomfortable learning environment. Individual students are responsible for their actions and shall not engage in potentially offensive behaviors. The School observes the various definitions of discrimination, harassment and vilification stipulated by the relevant ordinances in Hong Kong: (a) Sex Discrimination – The definitions of sex discrimination and the exceptions in the Sex Discrimination Ordinance will apply. (b) Sexual Harassment – The definitions of sexual harassment in the Sex Discrimination Ordinance will apply. (c) Mar i tal Status Discr iminat ion – The def ini t ions of mar i tal status discrimination and the exceptions in the Sex Discrimination Ordinance will apply. (d) Pregnancy Discrimination – The definitions of pregnancy discrimination and the exceptions in the Sex Discrimination Ordinance will apply. (e) Breast feeding Discr iminat ion – The def ini t ions of breast feeding discrimination and the exceptions in the Sex Discrimination Ordinance will apply. (f) Breastfeeding Harassment – The definitions of breastfeeding harassment in the Sex Discrimination Ordinance will apply. (g) Disability Discrimination – The definitions of disability discrimination and the exceptions in the Disability Discrimination Ordinance will apply. (h) Disabi l ity Harassment and Vi l ification – The definitions of disabi l ity harassment and vilification in the Disability Discrimination Ordinance will apply. (i) Family Status Discrimination – The definitions of family status discrimination and the exceptions in the Family Status Discrimination Ordinance will apply. (j) Race Discrimination – The definitions of race discrimination and the exceptions in the Race Discrimination Ordinance will apply. (k) Race Harassment and Vilification – The definitions of race harassment and vilification in the Race Discrimination Ordinance will apply. (l) Discrimination on the ground of sexual orientation (m) Harassment on the ground of sexual orientation (n) Victimisation discrimination (o) Other forms of discrimination or harassment/vilification The School may make reference to the policies and procedures of the University Equal Opportunity Unit (EOU) and consult the EOU should circumstances warrant. The School will take action, if necessary, to discipline behaviour which violates the Equal Opportunity Policy. Any student who feels that he or she has been or is being subjected to discrimination/harassment by any person should seek assistance or advice as soon as possible. For full-time students in the Community Colleges or International College, please approach the Student Counsellors. For part-time students, please approach the programme team. 本院支持平等機會並堅決反對各種形式之歧視/騷擾。學生們應獲平等對待, 不因年齡、性別、種族、國籍、婚姻狀況、懷孕、餵哺母乳、殘疾、性傾向 和家庭崗位而受到歧視。因此,我們致力提供一個沒有平等機會障礙的學習 環境。 騷擾行為會構成一個不利學習的環境。學生應對個人行為負責,不應作出任 何能被認為是具冒犯性的行為。 本院恪遵香港各相關法例就下列歧視、騷擾及中傷行為作出的定義及指引: (a) 性別歧視 –《性別歧視條例》內性別歧視的定義及獲豁的情況均適用 (b) 性騷擾 –《性別歧視條例》內性騷擾的定義適用 (c) 婚姻狀況歧視 –《性別歧視條例》內婚姻狀況歧視的定義及獲豁免的情況 均適用 (d) 懷孕歧視 –《性別歧視條例》內懷孕歧視的定義及獲豁免的情況均適用 (e) 餵哺母乳歧視 –《性別歧視條例》內餵哺母乳歧視的定義及獲豁免的情況 均適用 (f) 餵哺母乳騷擾 –《性別歧視條例》內餵哺母乳騷擾的定義和及獲豁免的情 況均適用 (g) 殘疾歧視 –《殘疾歧視條例》內殘疾歧視的定義及獲豁免的情況均適用 (h) 殘疾騷擾/中傷 –《殘疾歧視條例》內殘疾騷擾/中傷的定義適用 (i) 家庭崗位歧視 –《家庭崗位歧視條例》內家庭崗位歧視的定義及獲豁免的 情況均適用 (j) 種族歧視 –《種族歧視條例》內種族歧視的定義及獲豁免的情況均適用 (k) 種族騷擾/中傷 –《種族歧視條例》內中種族騷擾/中傷的定義適用 (l) 性傾向歧視 (m) 性傾向騷擾 (n) 使人受害的歧視 (o) 其他形式的歧視或騷擾/中傷 若有需要,本院會參考大學平等機會事務處的政策和程序,並向該處作出 諮詢。 如有必要,本院將對違反平等機會政策的行為採取紀律跟進。 任何學生若認為自己曾經或正在受到任何人歧視/騷擾,應盡快尋求協助或 建議。 遇到上述情況,附屬學院或國際學院的全日制學生應聯繫輔導主任;兼讀制 學生請聯繫課程組別同事。

013 Studying in HKU SPACE 學在 HKU SPACE Equal Opportunity 平等機會 The student is recommended to provide sufficient information including, but not limited to: (a) Details and date of the incident; (b) Personal information (e.g. name, contact information, marital status, family status, disability (where applicable), etc.); (c) Name of the respondent(s) (or name of the organisation) and contact; (d) Reasons or evidence supported the claim of discrimination/harassment; (e) Information of witness, if any. The more information that is provided, the easier it will be to investigate a case. However a student may still approach the School about any incidents of discrimination/harassment even if he/she is unable to provide all of the above information. The School appreciates the sensitive nature of discrimination/harassment and will ensure that details of the incident will only be disclosed to other persons on a need-to-know basis. The School’s Disciplinary and Appeals Committee will deal with cases that arise in relation to issues/cases described in this Section. 學生在尋求協助時應盡可能提供足夠佐證資料,其中包括但不限於: (a) 事件的詳情和日期; (b) 個人資料(例如姓名、聯絡方法、婚姻狀況、家庭崗位、殘疾(如適用)等); (c) 答辯人姓名(或機構名稱)及聯絡方法; (d) 歧視或騷擾行為申述理由或證據; (e) 證人資料(如有)。 能提供的相關資料愈多,愈能協助個案調查。然而,即使學生未能提供所有 上述資料,他/她仍可以就任何歧視/騷擾事件與本院聯絡。 本院理解歧視/騷擾行為的敏感性,會確保個案詳情只會向個別必需知情人士 作披露。 本院屬下紀律和上訴委員會會處理本章所述的事宜/個案 Students with Disability It is School policy to offer equal opportunities to all applicants with or without disabilities. Students are invited to indicate if they require any special assistance upon the application to a programme. If a student needs such assistance, the School will approach the student subsequently to obtain further details so as to facilitate how best the School can help. When enrolled in a programme, a student with a disability which may require special class and examination arrangements shall submit an application for such arrangements in writing to the Programme Leader, together with a certificate signed by a registered medical practitioner, or other relevant documents at the commencement of the programme. In terms of special examination arrangements, HKU SPACE may consider support and provisions for students with disabilities as appropriate, for example: (a) provision of an accessible examination hall to students with disabilities; (b) allowing longer examination time for students with visual impairment or writing difficulties; and (c) the use of special aids. However, there is no guarantee that such needs can be fully supported. 殘疾人士 本院所有入學申請,無論來自健康或殘疾人士,均按平等機會原則處理。 學生在申請入讀時請表示是否需要特殊學習輔助,本院會接觸有需要者 以安排適切支援。入讀本院課程的殘疾人士,如上課及考試需作特別安 排,請於開課時向課程主管提出書面申請,並附上註冊執業醫生簽發之證 明以及其他相關佐證文件。本院可為殘疾人士提供特別考試安排,例如: (a) 設有方便通道的考試場地; (b) 容許有視障或書寫困難人士以較長時間完成考試;及 (c) 安排特殊輔助設施。 但是,不能保證可以完全提供上述安排。 Further Information on Equal Opportunities issues Equal Opportunities Commission The University of Hong Kong, Equal Opportunity Unit (HKU EOU) HKU EOU Leaflets on: Introduction to HKU’s Equal Opportunity Policy and Procedures Handling Sexual Harassment – A Guide for Staff and Students Disability Discrimination Ordinance Code of Practice on Education 更多有關平等機會的資訊 平等機會委員會 香港大學平等機會事務處 香港大學平等機會小冊子: 香港大學平等機會政策及程序 處理性騷擾教職員及學生指引 殘疾歧視條例教育實務守則

014 Studying in HKU SPACE 學在 HKU SPACE Data Privacy Policy Statement HKU SPACE respects personal data and is committed to full implementation and compliance with the data protection principles and all relevant provisions of the Hong Kong Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. In doing so, we will ensure that staff involved in handling personal data comply with appropriate standards of security and confidentiality. In general, HKU SPACE, being part of the HKU, complies with all relevant and applicable HKU policies. 個人資料私隱政策 學院會依照香港個人資料(私隱)條例,確保員工在處理個人資料時會依循適 當的保安及保密守則。 本學院作為香港大學的一部分,亦將會遵守大學所有相關及適用的政策。 Uses of personal data we collect Whenever personal data is collected from you, electronically or physically, the purposes of the data collected will be specified. The personal data we collect will be used for processing applications for admission and registration, academic and administrative communication, web access and statistics, alumni management and contacts, research, statistical purposes, marketing (including direct marketing), patient management and contacts, and prescribed purposes as allowed by the law from time to time. Examples are necessary student records, academic communications, alumni communication, patient records and other incidental activities etc. Your data will solely be handled by HKU SPACE staff but may be transferred to and used by other companies under contractual activities with the School for the above mentioned purposes. HKU SPACE will divulge personal information only if required by law or with your prior consent. However, data may also be used in aggregate form for research and statistical purposes and in such circumstances individual data will not be divulged. The personal data that you supply (including, without limitation to, your name, contact details and other information collected in your profile such as the programme(s) you enrolled, your graduation year etc.) may be used for communication, alumni contacts and promotion on the availability of programmes and courses. This will also include seminars and events, discounts and offers, clinics and other services as well as alumni events, privileges, networking opportunities and fund-raising initiatives. Occasionally information from our parent University and fellow HKU subsidiaries may also be sent. Various communication channels will be employed such as direct-mail, email, mobile phone and other forms of social media. You always have the right to make subsequent changes on your choice of receiving further marketing materials by sending a written unsubscribe request to the Data Protection Officer (please see contact details in the paragraph “Data Protection Issues / Enquiries”). To enhance your browsing experience on our website, we may use cookies to collect certain information from your web browser while you are navigating our School website. You can always adjust the settings or clear browsing data from your web browser, but this may affect your browsing experience. You can find more details about the use of cookies on our website. 收集個人資料之使用 不論從任何方式,包括從網上或實體途徑收集 閣下的個人資料,本學院均 會闡明收集個人資料的目的。本學院所收集之個人資料,在法律許可情況 下,將用於入學申請、註冊、有關學術及行政通訊、網頁瀏覽及數據分析丶 校友事務及聯絡、研究、統計、市場分析及推廣(包括直接銷售)、管理病人 記錄及聯絡病人等用途,例如,學員記錄、學術通訊、校友通訊、病人記錄 等。此等資料亦可能以合約形式外判至其他機構處理。 本學院只會在法律規定或得到 閣下同意下,才會向外界提供個人資料。個 人資料當用於研究及統計方面,將不會泄露個別人士的資料。 閣下 提供的個人資料(包括姓名、聯絡方法及其他資料如曾報讀的課程、畢 業年份等)將用作與學院溝通渠道、校友通訊及推廣之用,學院將透過信件、 電子郵件、流動電話和其他社交媒體等為 閣下送上學院的最新課程資料及 推廣訊息,這些資訊亦將包括學院講座及活動、折扣優惠、診所服務、校友 會活動、校友會會員尊享優惠、校友聯誼及籌款活動等,當中亦可能包括香 港大學或其附屬機構的不定期資訊。 閣下可隨時以書面或電郵方式向學院 個人資料私隱主任申明是否願意繼續接收有關資訊。(個人資料私隱主任聯絡 方法,請參閱「查詢有關個人資料私隱」部分。) 為提升 閣下的網站瀏覽體驗,本學院使用網絡cookies來收集 閣下在本 網站上的瀏覽紀錄。 閣下可以透過更改瀏覽器的設定,以清除這些瀏覽數 據。請注意,如果 閣下透過修改瀏覽器設定,停用所有cookies (包括基本 cookies), 閣下或無法使用學院所提供的部分服務。有關本網站所使用的 cookies,可按此參閱詳情。 Right of access and correction Under the Hong Kong Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, individuals have the right to request access to and correction of their personal data. Should you wish to access or correct your personal information held by us, please send your enquiry or request to the Data Protection Officer by post or by email (please quote “Data Access Request”). A reasonable fee may be charged for the processing of certain data access requests. 查閱和改正個人資料的權利 按香港個人資料(私隱)條例規定,個人有權要求查閱和改正其個人資料。倘 若 閣下希望查閱或改正收錄於本學院的個人資料,請以書面或電郵方式向 本學院個人資料私隱主任查詢或提出有關要求(請註明“查閱資料要求”)。本 學院將會酌情收取行政費用。 Changes to this Statement The HKU SPACE Data Privacy Policy Statement may be updated from time to time so please check this statement periodically. In case of inconsistency between the English and Chinese version, the English version shall prevail. 修訂聲明 此項聲明內容將會定期更新,請定期查閱最新修訂的內容。中英文版本如有 出入,將以英文版本為準。 Data protection issues/enquiries Issues/enquiries should be addressed to HKU SPACE Deputy Director (Academic Services) who acts as the Data Protection Officer for the School. 查詢有關個人資料私隱 本學院常務副院長(學務)現兼任個人資料私隱主任, 閣下如有任何查詢, 請與主任聯絡。 Data Protection Officer HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education, 11/F, T. T. Tsui Building, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong. Email: 個人資料私隱主任 郵寄地址: 香港薄扶林道香港大學徐展堂樓十一樓 香港大學專業進修學院 個人資料私隱主任收 電郵地址: Data Privacy Policy 個人資料私隱政策