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HKU SPACE News Express Dec 2023
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Our Spring Prospectus is out!

Our Spring Prospectus is out!

Life is like an artist’s canvas, and every discovery, every new piece of knowledge we gain, enables us to add another colour to our lives, enriching our perspectives and brightening our outlook. Our Spring Prospectus is now available with a whole new palette of potential colours for you to choose. Check it out and explore some of the many courses and exciting content it offers to help you enrich your life with a new sense of happiness.

Stay in sync with our changing era and discover new knowledge

In the face of increasingly rapid technological change, digital transformation has now shifted from mere "Automation" to "Intelligence". Continuous learning is the key to enhancing our skills and knowledge to meet the ever-changing demands of society. By actively learning more about Big Data Analytics, Blockchain Applications, Cyber Security and other new aspects of intelligence we can improve our competitiveness and stay more closely in tune with our changing world.

Regain balance and rediscover the seasoning of your life

While striving to enhance your work skills, it’s easy to overlook developing more personal interests and enhancing your own mental well-being. For example, how long has it been since you truly relaxed and recharged?

To help you do this, consider taking break to enjoy a Cultural Icons Tour? Or watch a Mini Movie to learn about historical and cultural stories? You could even try cultivating Mindfulness, improving your physical and mental health through Yoga and rediscovering some of your passions and interests.

HKU SPACE offers over 1,000 courses in 81 interest areas, ranging from business to the humanities and technology to health sciences. The launch of Microcredentials provides you with a more flexible learning mode to develop more diversified skills.

Our new Spring Prospectus is now available, and you can download a digital version here. Starting from this issue, the School will publish the Spring Prospectus exclusively in a digital format to reduce paper consumption and contribute to the preservation of our precious natural resources.


人生猶如一幅畫布,每一個發現,每一門學問,都為畫布增添上一層層瑰麗的色彩,豐富我們的視野,點亮我們的生活。HKU SPACE春季課程手冊現已出版,讓我們在新一年攜手踏上這場令人期待的旅程,探索不同的領域和文化,為生活增添幸福的氣息。 





HKU SPACE提供逾1,000個課程,涵蓋商業、人文、科技及健康科學等81項分類微證書的推出,亦為學員提供更具彈性的學習模式,促進多元技能發展。最新一期春季課程手冊現已出版,歡迎按此下載電子版本,考慮到對環境的影響及網絡科技的廣泛使用,學院由這一期開始,僅以電子版本形式出版,以減少紙張消耗,並為保護珍貴的自然資源作出貢獻。

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20 Jan 人文語言及法律開放日
30 Jan 健康講座: 中醫教你遠離肩周炎
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