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Microcredentials stackable
Microcredentials are "stackable". Learners may accumulate them to earn a certificate or diploma. The awards will carry the title of Certificate / Diploma in Professional Practice or Certificate / Diploma in General Studies depending on the nature of the Microcredentials.
Microcredentials flexible
Most Microcredentials are short courses of about 30 contact hours, usually 6 or 9 credits, though a few are longer. They can be accumulated and are normally valid over a 5-year period. 
Microcredentials personalised
Learners can select the ones that are best aligned with their personal goals or professional needs.
Microcredentials CEF eligible
CEF eligible
Many of the Microcredentials are CEF eligible so applications for financial support may be made to the Continuing Education Fund (CEF) of the Hong Kong Government. 


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