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HKU SPACE News Express Apr 2022
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善用二萬元 CEF資助 整合工作與生活

CEF will increase to $25,000! Make good use of it to recharge your life

The latest Budget announced that the Continuing Education Fund (CEF) will be increased from $20,000 to $25,000, and the age limit will be abolished. This will allow an additional 760,000 citizens to benefit from the programme. So good news indeed!

Almost any courses you can think of, from tea tasting to feng shui and practical health and wellness to professional qualifications, can be subsidised. Here are some of the popular courses you can choose to recharge your life! 

Learn about food and drink to taste the joys and sorrows of life

Did you know that you can taste the aroma of coffee by drinking wine? Even when flowers and fruit are not added to tea, it still has a fragrance of citrus? It turns out that whenever we taste something, the tongue leaves "recallable traces" in our minds that link smells with familiar things, so we feel like entering a sensory paradise.

From a sense of taste to the perceptions of the brain, more and more people have been paying attention to "mindfulness" in recent years. You can understand the value of living in the moment by learning "mindfulness" through Zen, life planning and psychology.

Digital transformation enhances competitiveness 

NFT and ArtTech are hot topics in 2022, and many industries are also promoting comprehensive digitalization, so there is definitely more than one aspect of tech! If you can master big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence or any of these tech skills, you can achieve a great deal in a lot of different industries.

A KOL with more than 3 million followers could actually be a product of artificial intelligence? So why not learn the production of digital films or documentaries, as well as the skills to manage creative industries. Or understand more about the development of the multimedia industry, and explore some of the many business opportunities that have sprung up in that sector in recent years.

Learn portable skills and become multinational talent

Eager to work overseas? Learning portable skills such as computer programming can give you a head start in the international job market. Companies from all over the world are thirsty for talent, and some companies have even held extraordinary "recruitment competitions" on TV reality shows to attract applicants with both brains and physical strength. 

If you want to make good use of your sporting talent to open the door to a new career, consider becoming a yoga or sports coach, or study sports nutrition, health management, pain management and so on. Those may open a whole new chapter for your career. 

HKU SPACE is the higher education institution with the largest and broadest selection of reimbursable CEF courses in Hong Kong. We offer more than 2,000 CEF courses, covering 87 subjects of interest. As your lifelong learning partner, we are dedicated to helping you enrich your life through learning! 




識飲識食 品味生活的甘苦 

你知道品酒可以喝出咖啡香嗎?品茶時沒有加上花果,卻有柑橘的芬芳?原來舌頭在嘗味的過程中,會在我們的腦海中留下「可召回的痕跡」,將氣味與熟悉的事物連結起來,彷彿令人走進感官樂園。從味覺走到大腦的意覺,近年愈來愈多人關注「正念」,你也可嘗試透過了解禪學人生規劃心理學 等,從「正念」覺知活在當下的價值。

數碼轉型 累積競爭資本 


儲備口袋技能 躍身跨國人才 


HKU SPACE是全港擁有最多最廣持續進修基金(CEF)可發還款項課程的專上院校,提供逾2,000個CEF課程,涵蓋87個專業及興趣學科,是你的終生學習夥伴,助你透過學習,豐富人生可能性!

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