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Construction, Safety & Built Environment

Construction, Safety & Built Environment

The Hong Kong construction industry has long been a major contributor to the local economy, and enjoys a reputation for high professional standards. Along with an increasing awareness of sustainable development across the community, professional training and academic programmes in occupational safety, health and environment are also in great demand.

We offer a wide range of programmes in construction, safety and built environment. These programmes are designed to meet the needs of the industry and society as a whole, and are taught by local and international scholars and experienced industry practitioners. Students will find the course coverage comprehensive and helpful to their career development.

Our award-bearing programmes are renowned in the industry for their high quality, and have been recognised by the government and assorted professional bodies, including the Labour Department, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the Hong Kong Institution of Construction Manager, the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, and Hong Kong Institution of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene.

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The programme aims to equip students with practical and specialized knowledge and skills of the surveying profession, and prepare them for undertaking basic professional tasks and pursuing relevant professional qualifications.

Start 16 OCT 2017 (MON)
Duration 1 year
Fee HK$26,500
The programme aims to enhance the ability of students’ in comprehension and to apply knowledge in dealing with project management practices.  Moreover, it also provides students with a balanced academic and professional training in managing property development and building construction processes. 
Start 12 SEP 2017 (TUE)
Duration 1 year and 4 months
Fee HK$58,000
This programme aims to provide learners with a wide range of conceptual and practical knowledge and skills necessary in today's property management environments to meet their individual needs for career development as well as pursuit of higher-level professional housing education. This programme also serves as the bridging course for the study of the Professional Diploma in Housing Management.
Start 28 AUG 2017 (MON)
Duration 1 year
Fee HK$26,460 (HK$4,410 per module) (subject to reveiw)
Research found that urban people spent more than 80% of time inside buildings. Think about your daily activities, you live at home, you study in school, you read in library, you shop in mall, you eat in restaurant, and even you do exercise in gym. All these activities happen inside buildings.
Start To be advised
Duration 5 days
Fee HK$3,200
開課日期 待定
修業期 12個星期
課程費用 HK$9,000
Waterfronts in major cities are a place of human activities, allowing the public to enjoy the edge between land and sea.  In Hong Kong, too often water frontage designs take a backseat to the economic need for reclamation, freeway expansion, transport stations, and private property development.  In this course, students will learn about the positive contribution of a well-conceived waterfront to the living hood of the cities’ dwellers through case studies, research on the historical development of waterfronts, site visits, and take an active role in the re-imaging of our waterfronts through discourse and design project.
Start 24 JUL 2017 (MON)
Duration 6 days
Fee HK$3,900
The University of Greenwich,UK
These programmes are particularly designed for occupational hygiene, safety and health practitioners. In order to gain these master's degree awards, students must complete a total of six taught courses and one dissertation in their respective specialisation.

They are intended to provide knowledge in identifying workplace hazards and developing professional skills for effective decision making on appropriate means of control. 
Start 04 AUG 2017 (FRI)
Duration 2 years to 5 years
Fee Programme Fee: GBP1,288 per course X 8 courses
Registration Fee: HK$1,200, paid once an offer of a place has been accepted.
All fees are non-refundable.
命和運皆與生俱來,可改變的實在不多,如能善用風水學的中華智慧及廣結善緣確能在很大的程度上改變命運。中華風水與堪輿學歷史悠久,其學問博大精深,在今天的商業及民間已廣泛應用,在外國社會更是大行其道,尤其用於總體規劃(Master Layout Plan),設施管理 (Facility Management)及室內設計(Interior Design),皆令物業使用者在身體康健、智慧創意、及人緣事業財運上獲益良多。 課程內容主要包括基本風水學簡介及玄空飛星學基本概念。
開課日期 2017年10月13日 (星期五)
修業期 10個星期
課程費用 HK$4,450
This programme introduces the general principle and application of quantity surveying measurement in building work to construction-related in-services personnel, especially construction-related fresh graduates and construction technicians. Based on the Hong Kong Standard Method of Measurement of Building Works – Third and Fourth Editions.
Start 11 OCT 2017 (WED)
Duration 12 weeks
Fee HK$5,300