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BusinessManagement & Human Capital Leadership

BSc Banking and Finance

Awarded by
Lead College: London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London, UK
Course Code

Study mode
Start Date
To be advised
Next intake(s)
3 years to 8 years
How to Apply
Admission: 3761-1122
Tuition Course: 2867-8319

This degree provides students' with a significant insight of the financial role in industrialized economies by; exploring the financial markets, interaction between financial intermediations and all other financial institutes. Not only students will learn about the pricing of financial assets and why and how corporations issue various types of assets, but they will also look at the operation of domestic and international intermediations.

Programme Structure (Study at HKU SPACE)

A. Programme Structure (Standard Route)

All programmes in Standard Route consist of 12 courses.
Minimum Duration: 3 years part time*
*Students who gain 3 APLs can complete the programme in 2 years.

For students first registering for a degree in 2016-17
To be eligible for the award of a degree, you must attempt all 12 courses of the study programme and pass a minimum of 11 (but this would result in a drop in the class band of the degree award).
For details, please refer to the University of London programme regulations:


The Course Structure of BSc Banking and Finance^
Level 100 courses

1. Introduction to Economics
2. Mathematics 1 (Half course) and Statistics 1 (Half course)
3. Principles of Banking and Finance
4. Principles of Accounting
5. Choose ONE from below:

  • Business and Management in a Global Context

  • Contemporary Sociology in a Global Age

Level 200 / 300 courses

6. Corporate Finance
7. Macroeconomics
8. Financial Intermediation
9. Investment Management

10-12. Choose THREE from below

a. Principles of Marketing
b. Managerial Economics *
c. Organisation Theory: an interdisciplinary approach
d. Financial Reporting
e. The Law of Business Organisations
f.  Management Accounting
g. Human Resource Management
h. Strategy
i.  Auditing and Assurance
j.  Management and Innovation of E-business
k. Monetary Economics
l.   Elements of Social and Applied Psychology #
m. Microeconomics *#
n.  Elements of Econometrics #
o.  Information Systems and Organisations #

 * Students cannot take Managerial Economics with Microeconomics.
# Students can take only one course among these four courses.

^Subject to change

The above programme structure is intended to be used as a guide by prospective students. Students must also follow the programme structure presented by the University of London International Programmes Programme Specification and Regulations.

HKU SPACE may not offer all courses in each year.

B. Programme Structure (Graduate Entry Route)

Recognized degree holders can study the BSc Programmes through Graduate Entry Route.

The programme in Graduate Entry Route consists of 9 courses.
Minimum Duration: 2 years part time

Students who are admitted through the Graduate Entry Route (Refer to the Entry Requirements) will have to take courses 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9 and one course from a to k.

For the Graduate Entry Route degree programmes, you must successfully pass all nine courses to be eligible for the award of degree. 


  1. The course syllabus is available in the University of London prospectus:
  2. Degrees are awarded with First Class Honours, Second Class Honours, Third Class Honours or Pass.
  3. The above programme structure is intended for use by prospective students for the University of London BSc Programmes at HKU SPACE and is subjected to the final approval.
  4. HKU SPACE may not offer all courses in each year.

Course Fee (To be adjusted in 2017)

Total fees:  Around HK$57,161 + GBP4,292 (3-year part-time study)
Year 1:
Application Fee: GBP84
Initial Registration Fee: GBP760
HKU SPACE Tuition Course Fee (4 full courses):  HK $4,350 x 4 = HK $17,400
Exam fee (To be adjusted in Dec 2016): GBP896 + HK$1,829
Total fee for Year 1:  GBP1,740 + HK$19,229
Year 2:
Continuing Registration Fee: GBP380
HKU SPACE Tuition Course Fee (4 full courses): HK $4,350 x 4 = HK $17,400
Exam fee (To be adjusted in Dec 2016): GBP896 + HK$1,566
Total fee for Year 2:  GBP1,276 + HK$18,966 
Year 3:
Continuing Registration Fee: GBP380
HKU SPACE Tuition Course Fee (4 full courses): HK $4,350 x 4 = HK $17,400
Exam fee (To be adjusted in Dec 2016): GBP896 + HK$1,566
Total fee for Year 3:  GBP1,276+ HK$18,966

* Subject to the exchange rate.


Non-Local Higher and Professional Education (Regulation) Ordinance

This is an exempted course under the Non-local Higher and Professional Education (Regulation) Ordinance. It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which this course may lead.

  • Standard Route (To obtain the FIRST Degree)
    Minimum: 3 years*
    Maximum: 8 years
    *Students who gain 3 APL can complete the programme in 2 years.

    Graduate Route (To obtain the SECOND Degree)
    Minimum: 2 years
    Maximum: 8 years

    Each HKU SPACE tuition course comprises a total of 54 teaching hours.

    Classes will normally be held on weekday evenings and weekends which may include Sundays & public holidays.

Standard route*

Applicants shall:

  1. 5 HKDSE Category A subjects at Level ‘33 (including English Language) + 222 (including Mathematics)’; or
  2. 2 AL Grade E + 3 OL Grade C (including English Language & Mathematics) or HKCEE English Language at Grade C & 2 Grade E at HKCEE (including Mathematics); or
  3. International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma including Mathematics / Mathematical Studies at Grade 3 (Higher Level / Standard Level); or
  4. Associate Degree / Higher Diploma from HKU SPACE or other a recognised awarding institutions

* Subject to change

Note: There are many other qualifications, both from the UK and overseas, that the University of London accepts as satisfying the entrance requirements, e.g. HKU SPACE Higher Diplomas satisfy the entry requirements for the above BSc programmes. For details, please contact the HKU SPACE University of London International Programmes (Admissions Office) at 3761-1122 or email ​

Students transfer to the BSc programmes 
from the University of London International Foundation Programme
Students of the University of London International Foundation Programme (IFP) may progress to the BSc programmes by applying to transfer their registration, provided that they have passed all four full courses in the University of London International Foundation Programme.


Graduate Entry route

For graudate entry, in addition to the qualifications above, applicants must hold a full first degree completed in a minimum of three years duration on a full-time basis (or equivalent) from a university or other institution acceptable to the University of London.

Note: Applicants holding professional and/or postgraduate qualifications without a full first degree cannot be considered for admission to the Graduate Entry Route.

More information about the requirement:
List of Qualification for Entrance
List of Proficiency in English

For any enquiries or details, please contact 3761-1122 or email

  • The CEF Institution Code of HKU SPACE is 100

CEF SectorBusiness Services

CEF Courses
Principles of Marketing (Module from BSc Economics and Management, BSc Accounting and Finance, BSc Banking and Finance programmes)
COURSE CODE 21Z05179-2 FEES $4,500 ENQUIRY 2867-8311

CEF SectorFinancial Services

CEF Courses
Principles of Banking and Finance (Module from BSc Banking and Finance programme)
COURSE CODE 23Z04546-1 FEES $4,500 ENQUIRY 2867-8311
Financial Intermediation (Module from BSc Banking and Finance programme)
COURSE CODE 23Z04548-8 FEES $4,500 ENQUIRY 2867-8311

Continuing Education Fund
Continuing Education Fund (Selected modules only)
80% of tuition fees, subject to a maximum sum of HK$10,000 can be reimbursed on successful completion of an approved course.

* Students enrolled in the course are required to fulfill a minimum of 70% attendance and pass all ASSIGNMENTS given. Late submission of assignments will not be accepted.

Further information: www.

Continuing Education Fund reimbursable programme Continuing Education Fund reimbursable programme (selected modules only)
Some modules of this programme have been included in the list of CEF reimbursable programmes. Application for CEF has to be made before commencement of the modules.

Application Form Application Form

Enrolment Method

Application Procedures

Please refer to the link below:

University of London International programmes prospectus

University of London International Programmes Application Deadline (for 2016/17 Semester):
3 Oct 2016


Payment Method

Enrolment for HKU SPACE Tuition Course for 2016/17 Semester

Applicant is required to complete and return the Course Enrolment Form (attached in the last 4 pages of the brochure) with the course fee to any of our enrolment centres on a first-come first-served basis. The courses will start on 26 September 2016 (Mon).

Enrolment Deadline for HKU SPACE tuition courses for 2016/17 Semester: 

  • 9 Sep 2016 (First-come-first-served)

University of London fee - Application Fee & Registration Fee

  • Must be paid in pounds sterling, and may be paid either by a credit card recognized by MasterCard International or by the Visa group OR by banker's draft, cheque or UK postal order, made payable to the "University of London" and crossed 'a/c payee'. In addition, HKU SPACE also accepts VISA / MasterCard, EPS and cash in HK$.
  • For any enquiries or details, please contact 3761-1122 or email
University of London International Programmes (Admissions Office)
Room 313, 3/F, Admiralty Centre
18 Harcourt Road, Hong Kong


HKUSPACE Preparatory Course fee 

  • Can be paid by cash / EPS / VISA / MasterCard / Cheque in any of HKUSPACE enrolment centres.