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Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) Preparation Courses (University of London)


University of London International Programmes, UK
LW 56-801-00 (51)

Start Date: 12-08-2015


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Course Description

Course Start Dates:

Compulsory Subjects (First Year):
12 August 2015

Compulsory/Optional Finals Subjects (Year 2 – 4):
From August 2015

LL.B. degrees are studied by those who hope to become lawyers, by those who feel that a Law qualification would help them in their present profession, and also by those who are simply interested in the courses offered. We provide preparatory courses for many of the University of London LL.B. subjects including all compulsory subjects.

University of London International Programmes LL.B.

The LL.B. awarded by University of London International Programmes (ULIP) is a long-standing, well-regarded qualification.  For information about ULIP see http://www.londoninternational.ac.uk/our-global-reputation

For information about the LL.B. see http://www.londoninternational.ac.uk/courses/undergraduate/intercollegiate/bachelor-laws-llb-diploma-law-0

Non-Local Higher and Professional Education (Regulation) Ordinance
These are exempted courses under the Non-local Higher and Professional Education (Regulation) Ordinance. It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognise any qualification to which these courses may lead.


  • University Main Campus and Centennial Campus, Pokfulam Road, HK (Exit A2, HKU MTR Station)

Medium of Instruction

  • English

Programme Structure


Compulsory Subjects (First Year)
Public Law
Criminal Law
Elements of the Law of Contract
Common Law Reasoning and Institutions #
Compulsory Finals
Property Law
Law of Tort
Equity and Trusts
 Optional Finals (Subject to demand)
 Jurisprudence and Legal Theory *
 Company Law
 Family Law
 Commercial Law
 Civil and Criminal Procedure


#    Compulsory subject in 1st Year
*    Compulsory subject for Standard Entry

Students recognised by University of London as graduate entrants take 9 subjects in a minimum of 2 years. Standard entrants take 12 subjects over a minimum of 3 years.  Students may spread their studies over a longer period, subject to the programme regulations.

(Please click "Brochure" icon to download the timetable for further details in April.)


  • Students who wish to obtain a U.K. qualifying Law degree for progressing to Legal Practice/Bar courses in England and Wales must pass European Union Law and complete a Dissertation/Research Project and Law Skills Portfolio. Students should refer to the LL.B. structure and outlines contained in the University of London prospectus to ensure that they enrol for the correct subjects.

These LL.B. preparation courses are aimed at candidates for University of London International Programmes examinations, but can also be taken by other students. Attending these courses is not compulsory, but will greatly improve a candidate's chances of success in the examinations.

Candidates for University of London examinations must make sure that they register as overseas students with University of London International Programmes before 2 October 2015 and then that they register for the specific examinations in good time. Separate registration and examination entry fees are payable to University of London.

(website: http://hkuspace.hku.hk/londonu or email: londonu@hkuspace.hku.hk or enquiries: 3761 1122)

University of London will provide course materials for all subjects, on all years, of the LL.B. programmeHKU SPACE visiting lecturers will provide supplementary materials including lecture notes and legal updates.   Local teachers will provide tutorials for first year subjects and overseas tutors for second year subjects. 'Mock' examinations will be held for the four first year subjects.  Subject to demand we may offer mock examinations for other subjects for a separate fee.  Please note that it is not possible to enrol only for revision classes.

P.C.LL. Progression

Those students wishing to qualify as lawyers in Hong Kong must complete the P.C.LL. course. From 2008 additional admission requirements have been imposed for the P.C.LL. For full details see http://www.hku.hk/pcll/eligibility.php and www.pcea.com.hk. Those wishing to apply for P.C.LL. must also have completed an IELTS test within three years of application and should have an overall 7.

Completion of the University of London International Programmes LL.B. confers partial exemption from the P.C.LL. admission requirements.

Notes to Non-local Applicants

To study in Hong Kong, all non-local applicants are required to obtain a student visa issued by the Immigration Department of the HKSAR Government, except for those admitted to Hong Kong as dependants, who do not need prior approval before taking up full-time and part-time studies. Non-local applicants issued with a valid employment visa also do not need prior approval to pursue part-time studies. It is the responsibility of individual applicants to make appropriate visa arrangements. Admission to a HKU SPACE academic programme/course does not guarantee the issue of a student visa. Applicants may wish to note that part-time courses are generally NOT considered by the Immigration Department for visa purposes except for self-financed, part-time locally accredited taught postgraduate programmes awarded within the HKU System through HKU SPACE.

Entry Requirements

The minimum entry requirements for the University of London LL.B. programme are:

  • either, 2 "A" level and 3 "O" level passes (not necessarily obtained in one sitting); or, equivalent and
  • The University of London reserves the right to request applicants to provide evidence acceptable to it of oral and written competence in English before making an offer of registration.

See http://www.londoninternational.ac.uk/am-i-qualified

Course Fee

  • HK$21,450 (Year 1 applicant: 3 Compulsory First Year Subjects)
  • HK$28,600 (Year 1 applicant: 4 Compulsory First Year Subjects)
  • HK$8,150 (Year 1 applicant: Compulsory First Year Subject for single subject)
  • HK$7,150 (Year 2-4 Continuing Student: per Compulsory First Year Subject)
  • HK$6,700 (Year 2-4 Continuing Student: per other subject)

Enrolment Method

The following University of London brochures are available from University of London International Programmes (Affiliate Centre), Room 313, 3/F, Admiralty Centre:

  • University of London International Programmes: Undergraduate programmes in Law prospectus (http://hkuspace.hku.hk/londonu)
  • University of London LL.B. Preparation Courses brochure.

They contain full information about University of London regulations and requirements.

Further information about the HKU SPACE preparatory courses and detailed timetables can be downloaded from here or collected from any of the HKU SPACE enrolment counters in April.

Preparatory Courses Enrolment is on a first-come, first-served basis. Early enrolment is strongly recommended.

Payment Method

1. Cash or EPS

Course fees can be paid by cash or EPS at any HKU SPACE enrolment counters.

2. Cheque or Bank Draft

Course fees can also be paid by crossed cheque or bank draft made payable to "HKU SPACE". Please specify the programme title(s) for application, student's name, and student card no. (if applicable). You may either:

- bring the completed form(s), together with the appropriate course fee in the form of a cheque to any of the HKU SPACE enrolment centres.

- or mail the above documents to any of the HKU SPACE enrolment centres, specifying 'Course Application' on the envelope. HKU SPACE will not be responsible for any loss of payment sent by mail.

3. Visa/MasterCard

Applicants may also pay the course fee by VISA or MasterCard, including "HKU SPACE MasterCard", at any HKU SPACE enrolment centres. Holders of HKU SPACE MasterCard can enjoy a 10-month interest-free instalment for courses with a tuition fee of HK$2,000 to $40,000. The cardholder must also be the course applicant himself/herself. For enquiries, please contact our staff at any of the enrolment centres.


  1. For general and short courses, applicants may be required to pay the course fee in cash or by EPS, Visa or MasterCard if the course is to start shortly.
  2. Fees paid are not refundable or transferable.
  3. Receipts will be issued for fees paid but HKU SPACE will not be responsible for any loss of receipt sent by mail.
  4. For additional copies of receipts, please send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with a completed form and a crossed cheque for $30 per copy made payable to "HKU SPACE". Such copies will normally only be issued at the end of a course.

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