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Happy New Year
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Happy New Year

Associate Degree and Higher Diploma

Opened in 2000, the HKU SPACE Community College provides holistic education for secondary school graduates to prepare them for further studies and employment. Another Community College project, in collaboration with Po Leung Kuk, was launched and the HKU SPACE Po Leung Kuk Stanley Ho Community College (HPSHCC) was established in 2006. The two Community Colleges offer a diversified range of programmes in broad-based associate degree, pre-associate degree, and the specialized professionally-oriented higher diploma. (more)


Degree, Postgraduate Diploma and Master programmes

Centre for Degree Programmes (CDP) works with renowned overseas universities in offering more than 30 full-time undergraduate programmes in Hong Kong for sub-degree graduates. Since its establishment in 2003, around 6,000 students have successfully obtained their degree qualifications in art and design, business studies, information technology, social, cultural and media studies, and tourism and hospitality. Some have also continued to pursue higher qualifications in local or international institutions. In line with the growing demand in Hong Kong, full-time post-graduate diploma programme in Media and Cultural Critique will be launched in 2010. (more)

The School is dedicated to providing high quality education services to Mainland China students. The School’s Institute for China Business (ICB), established in February 2010 serves the needs of professional and senior executives in China by developing professional and executive education programmes in the Mainland and to training a new generation of corporate leaders for China. Capitalising on the academic strength of HKU, ICB operates a series of programmes with global perspectives, and cutting-edge professional knowledge with an emphasis on mainland relevance. These foster the problem solving capabilities of corporate leaders who will eventually promote innovation in Chinese companies at both strategic and management levels. (more)