Finance theme talk on 11 Jan 2019 - The Cashflow Based Lending Doctrine in Corporate Banking - HKU SPACE
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Jan 2019

Finance theme talk on 11 Jan 2019 - The Cashflow Based Lending Doctrine in Corporate Banking

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Date & time
11Jan 2019 (Fri)18:30 - 20:00
IEC 603 : 494 King’s Road, North Point, Hong Kong (Exit B3, North Point MTR Station) (M59027)
Dr. Wai

Dr. Wai

資深導師Dr. Wai,行政人員證書 <企業信貸管理>課程導師,有26年企業信貸管理經驗。 教學方式實用互動,一步一步帶領學生分析真實企業信貸個案,指出個案決策關鍵。 學員一致好評!

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Finance theme talk on 11 Jan 2019

Speaker: Dr. Victor Wai

Only cash can repay a loan.  However, some bankers continue to focus on profit in their credit evaluation.  Based on the experience of the speaker, there were a lot of companies which showed profitability and yet got into financial troubles.  The reason is the lack of cashflow to repay their maturing debts.  Therefore, many international banks nowadays focus on the capability of the companies to generate cash from their operations. 

In the past, international banks used to centralize new recruits at their headquarters to re-train them from the use of accrual based accounting information to the use of cash based financial information for corporate credit analysis.  Due to the escalating costs of such efforts, this type of credit training is reducing among international banks.  There seems a need to incorporate this kind of training into post-graduation professional training in order to equip young people for corporate banking jobs.  This seminar introduces this cashflow based lending doctrine.