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Performing Arts

We offer performing arts studies, practice and appreciation programmes, ranging from short courses to certificate, diploma, bachelor degree, postgraduate diploma and masters programmes. These extend from vocal and instrumental training to music therapy and a part-time Bachelor of Music programme and a Diploma in Theatre Studies. Other courses include piano examinations (ABRSM and Trinity College of Music, London), popular and world music studies, popular music production, dance performance, lyric-writing, and many more.

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理論與實踐並重 - 本課程旨在提供全面戲劇知識,從編、導、演,到戲劇歷史、教育、美學都會涵蓋在內,目的在於讓學員體驗戲劇當中不同領域,培養多方面興趣。
開課日期 待定
修業期 1年
課程費用 HK$24,600
This programme provides students with the opportunity to acquire advanced piano teaching skills by training them to develop their own teaching philosophies and methodologies as professional piano teachers. Topics on teaching methodologies, issues on private and group teaching, piano repertoire lists, studio policy and business will be covered.  Observations on private and group studio teaching will be included in the programme.
Start 09 JAN 2024 (TUE)
Duration 40 hours
Fee HK$12,000

This Postgraduate Diploma programme caters for the teachers, therapists, social workers and health-related professionals, providing them with practical experience, systematic training and environment to the interested and qualified students to fulfill one quarter of the requirements to become a registered music therapist with the Australian Music Therapy Association.

On completion of the programme, students should be able to:

  1. acquire initial skills in the use of music as a medium to stimulate positive health and educational changes in child clients;
  2. be able to fulfil the task of a music therapist in training using basic methods; and
  3. learn basic design and appraisal of therapeutic programme or approach within the appropriate ethical standards of practice for working with child clients.
Start 20 FEB 2024 (TUE)
Duration 1.5 years
Fee HK$52,800
This programme serves as a platform for students to share their musical experiences and knowledge through performing during the lessons.  It provides students with an opportunity to perform in front of an audience (the whole class), and receive feedback and suggestions from the lecturer and other guest lecturers.  The recital opportunity will further enhance students’ skills and musicianship, broaden their repertoire knowledge, and develop their interpretational abilities.
Start 23 APR 2024 (TUE)
Duration 35 hours
Fee HK$19,600
The programme explores representative solo keyboard repertoire from the Baroque period to the 20th century, ranging from the elementary to advanced levels (ABRSM Grade 3 to diploma level). Special attention will be given to stylistic distinction in representative keyboard works in relation to the socio-cultural context in which the music was created and performed.
Start To be advised
Duration 40 hours
Fee HK$12,000
The programme aims to prepare students to achieve advanced technical skills and competence as a piano performer and teacher. In addition to providing specialised training for students to improve their performance in piano playing, the curriculum also drills on students’ pedagogical knowledge and competence in piano teaching so that they can develop a range of teaching approaches when delivering piano lessons. The programme also covers research techniques and methods for students’ future pursuit of research.


Start To be advised
Duration 1 year
Fee HK$48,000
University of Leicester, United Kingdom
This distance learning degree is for you if you are based in, or near, Hong Kong and you want to gain the knowledge and skills you need to develop your career in the museum and galleries profession.
Start To be advised
Duration 8.5 months
Fee £8,750


開課日期 2024年1月21日 (星期日)
修業期 7個星期
課程費用 HK$7,000
開課日期 2024年2月24日 (星期六)
修業期 8個月
課程費用 HK$19,600
本課程為有志於學習品鑒或提升品鑒水平人士而設,以一套系統化的品鑒流程,帶領學員以理性客觀的態度細味不同的茶韻 。單元內容結合中國傳統的藝術審美標準,並剖析茶香味韻,深入淺出地普及國茶鑒賞。


  1. 闡述歷代品飲與沖泡方式的演變對品茶的影響;
  2. 分辨品茶的主要元素及審美標準;
  3. 概述中國茶品鑒流程;及
  4. 以系統化的方法辨析及記錄茶香味韻。
開課日期 2024年4月3日 (星期三)
修業期 5個星期
課程費用 HK$5,100
近十年, 普洱茶被炒得火熱,普洱茶的拍賣價從幾十萬到二三佰萬一餅都時有所聞究竟這些普洱跟我們平常在茶樓飲用的有什麼不同?

本課程從普洱茶發展歷程與學員探究普洱茶的前世今生, 課程將以不同角度, 從歷史到倉儲,從拼配到山頭,讓學員能認識普洱茶的品飲價值。同時課程亦會介紹沖泡方法及品飲不同的普洱茶, 讓學員能投入欣賞普洱的世界。


  1. 闡述普洱茶的源流和歷史;
  2. 概述普洱茶的製作過程、儲存方法及收藏價值;
  3. 展示普洱茶的基本沖泡技巧及器物要求;及
  4. 分辨不同年份/產區的普洱茶葉風格和意韵。
開課日期 待定
修業期 30小時
課程費用 HK$5,100