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Facts & Figures

Organisation of the School

The University manages the affairs of the School through a non-profit-making company limited by guarantee which has a Board of Directors that draws its members from the University itself and from the wider community. The School’s academic programmes are monitored by the University Senate through the Board for Continuing and Professional Education and Lifelong Learning.

Internally, the School has a Collegiate organisation. The wide range of part-time courses offered at all academic levels are organised under 35 subject groups allocated among three Colleges: Of Business and Finance (CBF), Humanities and Law (CHL), and Life Sciences and Technology (CLST), the latter includes the Division of Chinese Medicine. These three colleges also offer full-time overseas degree courses. All the Colleges offer award bearing programmes as well as non-award bearing programmes (including Executive Certificates and Diplomas). The HKU SPACE Senior Executive Academy (SEA) focuses on Executive Education. The Institute for China Business (ICB) has five centres through which it coordinates the School’s programmes offered in Mainland China. The Community College (CC) is responsible for full-time sub-degree courses. The HKU SPACE Po Leung Kuk Stanley Ho Community College (HPSHCC) is a joint venture with a leading charitable association, Po Leung Kuk and also offers full-time sub-degree courses.


There are over 3 million enrolments from 1956 to 2020.


There are 89,284 enrolments (Full-time equivalent: 22,504) in the academic year 2019/2020.

Programmes / Courses

Part-time programmes / courses 908
Full-time programmes 78
Total programmes / courses (2019/2020) 986


The School has established 10 learning centres in Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.

E-Learning at HKU SPACE

The School has developed a web-based, online learning platform, SOUL 2.0, to provide students and teachers with an effective means of communicating with each other for teaching and learning purposes. SOUL mobile learning services are also provided to support students and teachers for ubiquitous learning. The School is also actively extending its range of e-courses.

Global Perspective

HKU SPACE collaborates with a wide range of academic and professional institutions globally (in the UK, Australia, the USA, Mainland China) and Hong Kong. The School will continue to explore opportunities for further cooperation with reputable institutions, both local and overseas, in order to offer a greater variety of high quality and relevant programmes to students. In Mainland China, via ICB, HKU SPACE offers training programmes for professionals and senior executives in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chengdu through a diverse range of professional and senior-executive level programmes with an emphasis on different business and management disciplines.


The School has about 960 full-time staff and 1,900 part-time teachers.

Updated: September 2020