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The School is dedicated to provide quality design education for the general public. We offer full-time and part-time courses in different design areas. Our design programmes are led by a team of excellent staff comprised of professional designers, artists and academics with extensive experiences in the industry and in design education. The achievements of our design graduates have been remarkable. Some have won awards in prestigious local and international design competitions while others were recruited by renowned design firms in Hong Kong.

We offer various courses, ranging from short-term and certificate courses for beginners, to diploma and advanced diploma courses for individuals with basic design knowledge, as well as full-time higher diploma and undergraduate programmes. All courses aim to equip students with the essential knowledge and skills necessary for a career in design, as well as to develop a sense of creativity to help them succeed in any field they pursue. With our outstanding academic excellence and teaching quality, our programmes are the perfect choice for pursuing design study.

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This programme focuses on conceptual analysis and creative problem-solving in interior design. The Programme Objectives are as follows: 
  • develop and refine students’ aesthetic sensitivity and creativity; 
  • enhance students’ awareness of the responsibilities and potential liabilities of interior designers and eventually be able to undertake a supervisory role;
  • enable students to formulate and communicate their design ideas using verbal as well as 2D and 3D visual means; and
  • provide students with basic coverage of professional design management knowledge, building regulations and ethics in the interior design industry.
Start 24 MAR 2021 (WED)
Duration Approx. 15 months
Fee HK$39,000
This programme focuses on conceptual analysis and creative problem solving and aims to:
  • provide students with an understanding of interior design in its historical and contemporary contexts;
  • develop and refine students’ aesthetic sensitivity and creativity;
  • enhance students’ awareness of the responsibilities and potential liabilities of interior designers; and
  • enable students to formulate and communicate their ideas, by both verbal and visual means.
Start To be advised
Duration 12 months
Fee HK$39,000
Payable in 2 instalments:
1st Instalment: HK$27,300 (Upon admission)
2nd Instalment: HK$11,700 (To be advised)
In recent years there has been a marked increase in demand for quality landscaped outdoor areas. To meet the growing need for a part-time training programme in landscape design, HKU SPACE is offering a one-year Certificate Course in Landscape Design. This programme is intended to provide comprehensive coverage of different aspects of landscape design through lectures, site visits, computer workshops and case studies.
Start To be advised
Duration 1 year
Fee HK$27,000 plus expenses incurred in optional field trips / site visits.

開課日期 2021年3月20日 (星期六)
修業期 共8講,約2個月
課程費用 HK$3,600
開課日期 2021年3月23日 (星期二)
修業期 10講﹐約3個月
課程費用 HK$2,800
Design your own graphic tee, typography, logo, invitation card, poster, leaflet, packaging or branding…?

More and more people like to make their own designs. The basic design skills and aesthetic ability always benefit you whether personally or professionally. Besides introducing graphic design history, theory and printing process, the course also covers fundamentals of effective design by presenting basic principles of graphic design – line, form, colour, type and composition. 
Start 31 MAR 2021 (WED)
Duration 12 meetings, approx 3 months
Fee HK$2,592
開課日期 2021年4月14日 (星期三)
修業期 10講,約3個月
課程費用 HK$3,300
開課日期 2021年4月22日 (星期四)
修業期 6個星期
課程費用 HK$1950
開課日期 2021年4月28日 (星期三)
修業期 8講,約2個月
課程費用 HK$2,400
開課日期 2021年5月6日 (星期四)
修業期 共8講, 約2個月
課程費用 $2,480
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