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Colleges & Institute


College of Business and Finance (CBF

The College of Business and Finance is committed to "Inspiring Your Future" through a diversity of programmes. There are programmes of different levels and durations that can help your future development, including Accounting and Corporate Governance, Applied Finance and Investment, Management and Human Capital Leadership, Marketing and Branding, Supply Chain Management, and Hospitality, Tourism and Events, etc.

In terms of academic level, The College have various Postgraduate Diploma programmes with innovative and practice-oriented curricula to meet the needs of working professionals, and Master programmes of renowned universities that excel in specific areas. For undergraduate studies, we provide niche and up-to-date Advanced Diplomas and top-up Bachelor programmes. The College works closely with various professional bodies in accounting, insurance, etc. to facilitate students to obtain professional qualifications and recognitions.

Besides academic programmes, we have short courses and workshops on career advancement for a quick visit on front-tier knowledge and development in specific areas. The College also cares about the life enrichment desires of businessmen by offering courses on wine tasting, business etiquette, etc.


College of Humanities and Law (CHL)

The College of Humanities and Law is characterised by the diversity of its subject disciplines and the breadth of its course provision. It offers courses at various QF levels in the areas of Architectural Studies; Culture, Arts and Design; Oriental Studies; English and European Languages; Social Sciences; Housing, Transport and Built Environment as well as Law to serve the needs of the economy, the community and individual learners.


College of Life Sciences and Technology (CLST)

The College of Life Sciences and Technology offers high-quality education and training through a comprehensive range of programmes from short courses to postgraduate programmes in Health and Applied Sciences and Information Technology. These programmes emphasise continuing professional development and are of high academic standing. Some of the programmes are related to professional qualifications and a number of them are recognised by the relevant professional bodies.


HKU SPACE Community College (CC)

Designed to provide meaningful sub-degree education for Secondary school graduates, the HKU SPACE Community College is the perfect choice for further education. Founded in 2000 and now regarded as one of Hong Kong's premier community colleges, the College offers a comprehensive range of award-bearing programmes in many subjects. (more)


HKU SPACE Po Leung Kuk Stanley Ho Community College (HPSHCC)

The HKU SPACE Po Leung Kuk Stanley Ho Community College (HPSHCC) has been established by two reputable education providers in Hong Kong, namely the Po Leung Kuk and The University of Hong Kong School of Professional and Continuing Education (HKU SPACE), in response to the growing demand for sub-degree higher education in Hong Kong. The College aims to provide an excellent learning opportunity to equip young people ... (more)


HKU SPACE International College (IC)

With the motto “Education with a Global Vision”, HKU SPACE International College was established in 2003 to offer full-time international degree programmes to sub-degree holders. In the past 21 years, over 9,000 graduates obtained a bachelor’s degree through the College. Full-time business and media programmes at year-one entry-level have been made available for HKDSE/IB graduates. 

The College is offering a wide range of full-time undergraduate programmes between a duration of 10 and 36 months. All programmes are delivered in collaboration with universities in the UK and Australia. (more)


Centre for Logistics and Transport

The logistics and transport industries are vital to economy of Hong Kong. The Centre for Logistics and Transport was established with the aim of providing training and development for students and professionals, while maintaining  close links with the industry to understand their requirements and sustain continuous growth. The Centre collaborates closely with professional bodies in organising conferences, seminars, forums and visits, and offers advisory/consultancy services to the logistics and transport industries. The Centre has been appointed by the Secretary for Education to be the Regcognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Assessment Agency for the Logistics industry as well as Import and Export industry under HKQF with effect from March 2017 and September 2018 respectively.