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Marketing Marketing Communications and Branding

Marketing Communications and Branding

Firms spend an enormous amount of money on brand building. With the proliferation of digital and social media, there are now more ways to connect with customers and it is important for marketers and business executives to equip themselves with the relevant know-how and current best practice in marketing communications. We offer a wide range of programmes in the areas of marketing communications and branding, from advanced diploma and executive certificate courses to postgraduate degrees.






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Digital and social media revolution has transformed the marketing industry. The Advanced Diploma in Digital and Social Media Marketing is designed to equip you with the latest marketing knowledge and practices in digital, social media, mobile marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content and video marketing, market analytics, etc. The programme also prepares you for further education at degree level and career advancement.
Start 04 JUL 2022 (MON)
Duration 20 months to max. 40 months
Fee HK$4,000 per module (Subject to change)
The University of Hull, United Kingdom
The BA (Hons) Marketing and Management programme equips students with the latest marketing and management knowledge such as marketing communications, digital marketing, social media, brand management, strategic management, etc. It aims to uplift students’ competitiveness and employability in job market. With professional training, students will be able to develop effective marketing and management strategies to solve business problems in competitive business environment.
Start 01 SEP 2022 (THU)
Duration 18 months
This programme focuses on the practical aspects of designing and planning a digital and social media marketing campaign, as part of the overall marketing strategy.
Start 05 JUL 2022 (TUE)
Duration 3 months
Fee HK$6,000
In the digital economy nowadays, most successful marketers have strong data analytic skills and creativity which enable them to craft smart marketing strategies and innovative business solutions in the highly complex and competitive business environment. The programme "Executive Certificate in Data-driven Creative Thinking for Marketers" is designed to prepare marketers with data analytic skills and foster their creative thinking mindset. Marketers who are well-versed in data analytics and able to take it one step further to combine the insights from numbers and apply to creative problem solving will be highly sought after. 
Start To be advised
Duration 5 weeks
Hong Kong Brand Development Council
品牌管理是市場學非常重要的一環。HKU SPACE與香港品牌發展局合辦之行政人員證書《品牌管理》課程,自2008年開辦以來,一直為學員提高品牌管理和策略的重點知識。因應市場變化,我們重新設計了課程令它更切合市務人員的需要。


此課程包含了設計思維(design thinking)的元素,務求激發學員的創意,應用到品牌管理的工作上。

開課日期 待定
修業期 2個月
課程費用 HK$6000
The programme aims to meet the continuing education and professional development needs of people who are currently working in public relations or those who have aspirations in this area. The programme provides students with knowledge in practical public relations techniques and tools to achieve the corporate's branding goals and objectives.
Start To be advised
Duration 1 month
Fee HK$7,000
開課日期 待定
開課日期 待定
開課日期 待定
Edinburgh Napier University, United Kingdom
Committed first and foremost to producing effective and reflective practitioners, this programme is contemporary and cutting edge, focusing on providing students with the knowledge both theoretically and practically to have a successful career in advertising, corporate/organisational communication, media relations, branding, employee communication, and PR. Students will develop an excellent understanding of communication, advertising and PR principles. Working both on their own and as part of a team, students will also gain transferable skills and develop their confidence in presenting work and ideas to their peers, lecturers and professionals in the industry.
Start 19 SEP 2022 (MON)
Duration 14 months
Fee Full Tuition Fee

Bridging Module Fee
HK$2,800 (for students without strong media/marketing/PR background)
The programme is developed to equip marketing executives and advertising industry practitioners especially digital media buyers and planners with professional credentials in digital media planning and programmatic advertising. It provides students with a solid foundation of knowledge in digital marketing ecosystem and digital media planning, buying and selling. The programme also prepares students for the examinations of the Interactive Advertising Bureau Digital Media Buying and Planning Certification and Digital Media Sales Certification.
Start 23 JUL 2022 (SAT)
Duration 40 hours
Fee HK$8,950