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Long-standing History

HKU SPACE started out under a different name as the Department of Extra Mural Studies (DEMS) of the University of Hong Kong in 1956/57. It was the first continuing education unit in a university in the region. It played a significant role in the University’s provision of lifelong learning opportunities for the wider community, and in 1992, it was renamed as the School of Professional and Continuing Education (HKU SPACE).  

Pioneer in Continuing Education

From the outset, HKU SPACE has been a pioneer in Hong Kong education. First, by opening the door to continuing education for Hong Kong people in 1957. And then by leading the way in new courses, and partnering with overseas universities to enable local people to study for internationally recognised qualifications here in Hong Kong.

Academic Excellence

  • An International Quality Review in 2021 concluded that HKU SPACE met all ten European standards for quality. This was formally recognised by the German Quality Agency, ASIIN, in 2022.
  • The University reviewed HKU SPACE in 2019 and commended its supplementary and complementary role in delivering the University Mission in providing lifelong learning opportunities to the wider community.
  • HKU SPACE was highly commended by the UGC Quality Audit Report on the University’s Sub-degree Operations for outstanding academic excellence in 2019

Diverse Programmes

The School has the largest and broadest selection of courses in Hong Kong, including those in the reimbursable Continuing Education Fund (CEF) scheme. With more than 1,500 programmes categorised into 15 interest areas, you will find one that suits your needs and interests. The School offers award-bearing programmes as well as non-award-bearing programmes (including Executive Certificates and Diplomas), from part-time to full-time, to cater for different study needs in the community. In April 2023, Microcredentials were launched to allow students to progress more flexibly by setting their own learning pace and course content and “stacking” credits to earn a certificate or diploma.

Convenient Locations

HKU SPACE has a long history of locating its teaching and learning facilities at convenient downtown centres to better serve the community. It has 9 learning centres across Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. A new campus in Kowloon West (888 Lai Chi Kok Road) has been in operation since early 2023 with advanced classrooms and learning facilities, which can enhance the student learning experience.