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At HKU SPACE, we design and offer courses to meet your goals for General English, Business English and English for the Professions. These range from 30 hours to 90 hours and cover a broad spectrum of levels.

Reasons to improve your English at HKU SPACE:

  •  Polish your interpersonal and career skills
  •  Learn to communicate ideas more effectively
  •  Interact confidently with overseas and English speaking people
  •  Fine-tune your presentations and writing to project better impressions
  •  Stay up to date by learning about current English use
  •  Sharpen your competitive edge in today's global workplace


English Langauge Assessments

LINGUASKILL – the NEW Cambridge English Language Benchmark Test

This is the benchmark test in support of Continuing Education Fund (CEF) reimbursements of English Language course and benchmark test fees.   This replaces the former Business Language Testing Service (BULATS) offered by the University of Cambridge. 

The Cambridge Assessment English offers organisations a quick and convenient way of checking the English Language proficiency levels of your employees – the Linguaskill Tests. 

  • Linguaskill General
  • Linguaskill Business
  • Linguaskill Test & Continuing Education Fund
  • For Individual English Language Learners
  • For Corporates
  • For Immigrants
  • For HKDSEE Candidates
  • For University Applicants
  • Linguaskill Test Report & Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)
  • Cambridge Linguaskill Test in Hong Kong

For details, please follow this link: 


Assessment Preparation Courses

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Pronunciation and Fluency 2 follows on from Pronunciation and Fluency 1, giving students further practice in the skills practised there. It will be suitable for students who have completed Pronunciation and Fluency 1, and also for new students as long as they have a knowledge of the phonemic chart.
Start To be advised
Duration 15 weeks
Fee HK$3,700
The programme aims to equip students with advanced English linguistic knowledge and skills through language practice in student-centred learning activities such as speaking, writing, reading and listening to a variety of semi-authentic and authentic English texts.  Upon successful completion of the Programme, students are expected to communicate proficiently in English.
Start To be advised
Duration 30 weeks
Fee HK$8,200
This programme aims to equip students with the professional communication skills and English proficiency to excel in both general business contexts and specifically in the industry of financial services. It is designed to enhance students’ overall English proficiency through contextualised teaching and scenario-based materials. This programme also lays a solid foundation for graduates to proceed to an advanced diploma in professional communication, business management or similar subjects, thereby providing the means to articulate and achieve higher qualifications at university, and improving graduates’ prospect of career advancement.

Module 1:   Business English for Professionals
Module 2:   Professional Communication in Business Administration
Module 3:   Professional Communication in Financial Services
Module 4:   Financial Communication and Relationship Management
Start 27 APR 2023 (THU)
Duration 24 months
Fee HK$20,300
The Certificate in Business English Usage programme aims to help students become more accurate and fluent when communicating in English in the modern workplace. Its goal is to equip students with essential business grammar, vocabulary and all-round language skills, so that they become capable of communicating with native and non-native speakers of English in common business settings. By gaining a greater confidence and a better command of business English grammar, vocabulary, receptive and productive skills, students will be prepared to further develop a higher level of business English proficiency upon completion of the programme. This programme targets working professionals who intend to build on an introductory level of English, so as to bolster their work performance in a business environment where English is the predominant medium of communication.
Start 12 MAY 2023 (FRI)
Duration 12 months
Fee HK$8,000
This programme is designed for students who seek to advance knowledge of the English language system and develop higher language awareness and communication skills. Apart from face-to-face learning in the classroom, students participate in self-directed and experiential learning outside the classroom, i.e., e-learning and English Immersion Activities.
Start 15 MAY 2023 (MON)
Duration 12 months
Fee HK$14,000
This programme aims to provide students with a comprehensive and solid preparation for IELTS (International English Language Testing System), thereby maximising their potential in achieving a higher band score for further studies or career advancement. This programme enables students to enhance their competence in the key language skills (including listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar), develop essential test-taking strategies, undertake intensive practice, accumulate practical test-taking experience, and acquire comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the topics that are commonly assessed in both types of IELTS, namely IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training.
Through systematic and innovative delivery of flexible learning (i.e. real-time online lectures, face-to-face classroom teaching and self-paced asynchronous e-learning) blended with flipped classroom pedagogy (pre-lecture learning), this programme provides students with greater accessibility to English language resources, ample test-based practice and student-centred learning experience.
Start 20 JUL 2023 (THU)
Duration 12 months
Fee HK$9,900
The programme aims to
1. describe the characteristics of different types of library and information centres;
2. develop skills and techniques required by library assistants in identification, acquisition, storage, organization, use and
circulation of information;
3. identify various application of information technologies in library services;
4. evaluate various categories of information resources, print or electronic for the provision of information service;


Start 18 APR 2024 (THU)
Duration 1 year
Pronunciation and Fluency 1 is part of the Certificate in English Language Skills (Introductory). This very practical course will give you lively realistic discussion and conversation practice.

Pronunciation and Fluency 1 will help you:

  • improve your English pronunciation
  • become a more fluent and confident speaker of English in different situations
  • increase your range of useful English vocabulary
  • introduce you to different native speaker accents
Start To be advised
Duration 15 weeks
Fee HK$3,700

Effective Writing Skills 2 develops your language at a higher level than Effective Writing Skills 1, and builds on and enhances the skills learned there.  However, as long as you meet the entry requirements, you can gain direct entry into Effective Writing Skills 2 without doing Effective Writing Skills 1.

Start To be advised
Duration 15 weeks
Fee HK$3,700
Active Grammar 1 is a practical course that recognises the role of grammar in language and communication. It will use real examples of grammar in use in typical, everyday situations, to help you:
  •   recognise and correct common grammatical errors
  •   work out and apply grammar rules for yourself
  •   communicate correctly in both spoken and written English
  •   use a greater variety of structures with confidence

To benefit from the course, you should be prepared to participate fully in all exercise and activities.

Start To be advised
Duration 15 weeks
Fee HK$3,700
The programme provides students with practice in fundamental English usage and skills-building through student-centred and graded learning activities such as speaking, writing, reading and listening to a variety of semi-authentic English texts. Upon successful completion of the Programme, students are expected to speak and write at a foundation level and be more confident when communicating in English. 
Start To be advised
Duration 30 weeks
Fee HK$6,400
The programme aims to equip students with lower advanced level English linguistic knowledge and skills through extensive language practice and student-centred learning activities such as small group discussion, speaking, writing, reading and listening to a wide variety of semi-authentic English texts. Upon successful completion of the programme, students are expected to speak and write at a lower advanced level and be fluent and confident when communicating in English.
Start To be advised
Duration 30 weeks
Fee HK$7,200