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Engineering and Science Statistics



Statistics play an important role in the planning and formulation of strategies in both the public and business sectors. For the government, statistics aid in macro-economic analysis and long-term public policy planning. For the business and industrial sectors, surveys are frequently conducted to collect data and compile accurate statistics used in important decision making.

We offer a number of statistics courses for those who wish to strengthen their skills in data collection and analysis. In addition to our standard courses, we also offer customised courses for companies and agencies as part of their in-house training programmes

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This programme aims to provide training on survey sampling and to teach participants how to interpret data and draw valid conclusions; and provides a base for future use of probability and statistics in business and in different kinds of research.
Start To be advised
Duration 7 months
This course is designed to provide basic knowledge on the design of questionnaire and the commonly used statistical techniques for analysis of survey data and should be useful for those who employ questionnaire survey as a research methodology.
Start To be advised
Duration 10 weeks
Fee HK$4000
** 本課程旨在讓經理級人員、行政人員及策劃人員深入瞭解香港現有的統計資料,以及如何將這些資料應用於商業及預測上。 **
*(Class schedule will be given out upon one week prior to course commencement through by Email
開課日期 待定
修業期 5個星期
課程費用 HK$2300
This course is designed to provide elementary concepts on probability, interval estimation and hypothesis testing and should be useful for those who wish to acquire basic statistical techniques for application in science and business and for those preparing for various examinations.
Start To be advised
Duration 8 weeks
Fee HK$3200
This course is designed to provide hands-on-training on how data presentation and statistical analysis can be conducted using computer software, e.g. SPSS
Start To be advised
Duration 6 weeks
Fee HK$3400
University of London (Academic Direction: London School of Economics and Political Science)
This programme provides you with knowledge from micro- and macroeconomics, econometrics to the essentials in business and management.
Start 01 SEP 2023 (FRI)
Duration 2 years to 3 years
Start To be advised
Duration 2 years