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Engineering and Science

Engineering and Science

The initiatives of mega infrastructure and high technology development by the Hong Kong Government will enhance the growth of the engineering and science industries, and especially accelerate the demand for engineering and science professionals. To keep pace with market needs, the specialised knowledge and talents of many different engineering and science positions are needed. Technical professionals should possess the relevant technical and management skills in order to climb the professional ladder.

HKU SPACE is offering a range of engineering and science programmes to provide students with professional knowledge and training that they will need to succeed in future endeavours and become competitive in the workplace.

Engineering and Science Programmes

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The programme aims to provide students with specialized knowledge in building services engineering. It also equips students with technical knowledge and skills in electrical, mechanical and sanitary services which are relevant to building services engineering. The modules in the programme helped students undertake basic professional tasks in building services engineering.
Start 02 JUL 2024 (TUE)
Duration 9 months
Fee HK$16,000
Charles Sturt University, Australia

Master of Information Studies provides students with in-depth understanding of the creation, evaluation, collection, organisation, utilisation and dissemination of information in the contemporary information environment.

This distance learning programme, offered in collaboration with Charles Sturt University, Australia, is supplemented by local tutorials. The obtained academic qualification has full recognition by Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA).

Upon special request, students can choose to exit at Graduate Diploma level and will receive the CSU Graduate Diploma of Information Studies (which is the Intermediate Award of Master of Information Studies).

>Credit exemption would be given to students with relevant academic qualifications in library and information management and/or working experience.

Start 08 JUL 2024 (MON)
Duration 24 months to 48 months
Fee HK$15,225 per 8 credit points subject
HK$7,613 per 4 credit points subject
HK$3,806 per 2 credit points subject

* Subject to review at the time of enrolment

The tuition fee is paid by subjects per session (3 sessions in a year).
Records are an essential tool and valuable resources for good business and efficient administration.
Start To be advised
Duration 6 months
Fee HK$11,000
A properly set up and managed archives ensures that authentic and reliable historical records are preserved to document the major development and history of an organization.
Start To be advised
Duration 6 months
Fee HK$11,000

Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field of biology and computational science. It uses computer programmes to compare and analyse the sequences of biological molecules, which usually refers to DNA, RNA, or protein. Bioinformatics aims to determine gene and protein functions, reveal evolutionary relationships, predict 3-D structure of proteins, and most importantly to identify the genetic cause of diseases.  After completion of this programme, students can pursue further studies in bioinformatics and precision medicine at Master level.


The programme aims to provide students with the knowledge of genetics and genomic technologies; the operational skills of Windows and Linux computing environment; and the fundamental programming skills for the analysis of biological and clinical data. It also covers the applications of the software, database, and scripts to identify the genetic cause of diseases.

Start 24 JUN 2024 (MON)
Duration 9 months
Fee Course fee: HK$26,000 (one single installment, subject to review)
Archivist, as a relatively nascent profession in Hong Kong, is increasingly gaining recognition from the community. In fact, the profession begins to grow in recent years as more and more archival institutions of different types are being set up. According to a recent survey, it was found that there are already over 40 public, private, institutional, and corporate archives operating locally. However, the development and thriving of the archival enterprise in Hong Kong are unfortunately being hampered by the lack of qualified professional archivists.
The Postgraduate Diploma in Archival Studies, the first -ever and the one-of-a-kind archival program available in Hong Kong, was established with an aim to solve this archivist’s shortage problem.

Start 03 JUN 2025 (TUE)
Duration 12 months
Fee HK$40,000
Ulster University, United Kingdom
This programme aims to produce architecturally informed Building Services Engineers and Energy professionals who are able to deliver energy conscious and environmentally sustainable solutions for buildings. There are 3 teaching blocks (3 semesters) which consist of 11 modules in total. After completing this programme, students will be able to enhance their knowledge with professions in delivering environmentally sustainable solutions and reduce the environmental impact for existing and new buildings. 
Start 02 SEP 2024 (MON)
Duration 18 months
Fee HK$105,000* in 3 installments:
Teaching Block 1: HK$27,000
Teaching Block 2: HK$39,000
Teaching Block 3: HK$39,000

* Subject to annual changes
Edinburgh Napier University, United Kingdom
This programme is for those with a background education in the biological sciences or medical laboratory science disciplines wishing to progress to degree or honours degree level. The programme provides students with a firm foundation in the biological sciences together with specialist knowledge in the area of biological testing including microbiology, biochemical and toxicological analyses. It will be taught through face-to-face lectures/tutorials, online tutorials and hands-on practicals.
Start 16 SEP 2024 (MON)
Duration 2 years
Fee 2024-25 (Year 1): HK$90,000 (2 instalments and is subject to review)
2024-25 (Year 2): HK$91,000 (2 instalments and is subject to review)
Middlesex University London, United Kingdom
This bachelor degree programme (Bsc) is designed to equip students with practical skills and technical knowledge about computer communications, systems and networks. This bachelor degree proramme also prepares graduates for a range of careers within the international computer networking industry for employment such as computer network engineers, designing, analysing and developing networks in both large and small organisations; or as managers involved in maintaining and developing computer networks to meet current and future operational and security requirements.
Start 01 OCT 2024 (TUE)
Duration 3 years
Fee Approximately HK$151,500* in six instalments (HK$119,080^ + £3,287^)
Registration Fee: £63^

1st year: HK$38,240 + £1,052
2nd year: HK$38,240 + £1,052
3rd year: HK$42,600 + £1,183

* Subject to exchange rate
^ Subject to annual changes
Charles Sturt University, Australia
This distance-learning course, offered in collaboration with Charles Sturt University, Australia, is supplemented by local tutorials. It is for those interested in the field of library, information, records, archives and knowledge management.
The obtained academic qualification has full recognition by Australian Library and Information Association.
Credit exemption will be granted to graduates of Higher Diploma in Library and Information Management.
Start 11 NOV 2024 (MON)
Duration 24 months to 48 months
Fee HK$25,200 per 16 points subject;
HK$12,600 per 8 points subject;
HK$6,300 per 4 points subject;
HK$3,150 per 2 points subject.

HK$138,600 (for HDLIM graduates)
HK$302,400 (for Non HDLIM graduates)
Actual course fee will be assessed on the number of subjects required.

* Course fee is subject to review at the time of enrolment

The tuition fee is paid by subjects per session (3 sessions in a year).