Finance theme talk on 8 May 2020 - The Cashflow Based Lending Doctrine - HKU SPACE
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May 2020

Finance theme talk on 8 May 2020 - The Cashflow Based Lending Doctrine

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Date & time
08May 2020 (Fri)19:00 - 20:00
Dr. Wai

Dr. Wai

資深導師Dr. Wai,行政人員證書 <企業信貸管理>課程導師,有26年企業信貸管理經驗。 教學方式實用互動,一步一步帶領學生分析真實企業信貸個案,指出個案決策關鍵。 學員一致好評!

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Speaker: Dr. Victor Wai

This is an application of the Cash Flow Based Lending Doctrine through a case study, which has been developed using a true story and data.  Seminar participants would be able to compare the Cash Flow Based Lending Doctrine with what they have been using in their current lending decisions.  We also welcome past students of the Course as this is the case (Dollar Applications Ltd.) that the speaker used in the final examination.  The speaker would like to take this opportunity to share his suggested answer.  Of course, as he emphasized in the Course that there is really no right or wrong answer in a lending decision.  It is always a balancing decision between risk and return.