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Certificate in Sustainable Communities

CEF Reimbursable Course

CEF Reimbursable Course

Jointly Organized by
Policy for Sustainability Lab, Centre for Civil Society and Governance, HKU
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Study mode
Start Date
To be advised
10 months
English, supplemented with Cantonese
Course Fee
HK$29,160 per programme
Deadline on 27 May 2024 (Mon)
37620868 / 39174767
How to Apply


With theories, practices and real-life case studies, this programme provides students with the basic knowledge and skills in sustaining cultural landscape asset, including ecology, sustainable agriculture, community engagement and partnerships between different stakeholders and sectors.



The "HSBC Rural Sustainability" programme is organised by Policy for Sustainability Lab, Centre for Civil Society and Governance at HKU to incubate a mix of socio-economic models for rural communities, which are based upon the eco-agriculture, co-kitchen and co-creation of the community. It supports the formulation of a sustainability assessment framework, and creates new avenues for setting up the Academy for Sustainable Communities which offers a suite of courses covering sustainable development in both urban and rural communities.


Programme Details

This programme aims to introduce students to the concept and practice of sustainable communities. In particular, the programme has an emphasis on understanding the ecological and social resources of cultural landscape sites in Hong Kong and Asia and the roles played by different stakeholders and sectors in sustaining a cultural landscape as an important sustainability asset. It provides students with the basic knowledge and skills in some of the core activities of cultural landscape, including ecology, community engagement and sustainable agriculture. The courses also provide an introduction to theories and principles of partnership and collaboration for sustainable management of value and capital illustrated by real-life local and international case studies.

Suitable for: School teachers, community workers, conservationists, government officials, corporate members, retirees etc. who are interested in putting sustainability in action



Application Code 2190-CS050A -

  • The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam, Hong Kong 薄扶林香港大學


The programme covers four modules:

Understanding Cultural Landscape
This module introduces the basic concepts of cultural landscape and their importance as heritage in the global context. The module will investigate into the different typologies of cultural landscape and explore the natural and cultural elements of a cultural landscape through lectures and field study.

Introduction to Local Ecology
This module introduces the basic concepts in ecology, the ecology of Hong Kong and the interrelationships between ecology and other disciplines. The module will further discuss local ecological issues and review the current conservation measures. Practical ecological methods will be taught and students will develop key biodiversity survey skills through field studies in different local habitats.

Sustainable Agriculture
This module focuses on introducing the basic concept and understanding of sustainable agriculture. The module will introduce a range of agricultural practices that are economically viable, environmentally sound and socially responsible. Applications of these practices will be illustrated through international and local case studies. Students will further build up their knowledge and skills through a farming practicum.

Community Partnerships
This module is designed to provide basic theoretical foundations and applied skills in building community-based rural-urban partnerships. It looks into contemporary environmental and cultural challenges and how they can be managed sustainably through community partnerships. It also explores different types of partnerships, tools and strategies that facilitate the successful design, development, implementation and management of sustainability and community partnerships projects.






Professional Accreditation

Assessment and Recognition:

Students, who attained attendance rate of not less than 70% for each module and have the module assessment passed, will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement by the Policy for Sustainability Lab, Faculty of Social Sciences, The University of Hong Kong.  Students who have obtained a Certificate of Achievement in all four modules are eligible for the "Certificate in Sustainable Communities" awarded within the HKU system through HKU SPACE.




Course Fee
  • Course Fee : HK$29,160 per programme

Entry Requirements

Applicants shall:

  1. have gained in the HKDSE Examination Level 2 in five subjects including Chinese Language and English Language; or
  2. have passed five subjects in HKCEE, including Chinese Language and English Language; or
  3. hold equivalent academic qualifications, taking into consideration individual merit


  1. 香港中學文憑考試五科(包括中國語文及英國語文)考獲二級或以上成績;或
  2. 香港中學會考五科(包括中國語文及英國語文)合格;或
  3. 具同等學歷


  • The CEF Institution Code of HKU SPACE is 100
CEF Courses
Certificate in Sustainable Communities
COURSE CODE 44C114563 FEES $29,160 ENQUIRY 3917-4767
Continuing Education Fund Continuing Education Fund
This course has been included in the list of reimbursable courses under the Continuing Education Fund.

Certificate in Sustainable Communities

  • This course is recognised under the Qualifications Framework (QF Level [3])


Application Form Application Form

Enrolment Method

Please download,  fill in and submit the Application Form. For details of application, please visit