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Recognition of Prior Learning - Import and Export Industry Continuing Education (Reference)

Continuing Education (Reference)

Programmes Available for Holders of RPL Qualifications
(Data provided by the Qualifications Framework Secretariat)

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) mechanism aims to enable practitioners to receive formal recognition of their knowledge, skills and experience under the Qualifications Framework with a view to promoting continuing education. Education and training providers offer various programmes, some of which will admit learners with RPL qualifications. All the programmes shown at the Annex have explicitly specified RPL qualifications as one of the admission criteria. Holders of RPL qualifications are welcome to apply for these programmes.

Please note that the Annex is for reference only and is not intended to be exhaustive. All the programmes recognized under the Qualifications Framework are available at the Qualifications Register (QR) (  For programme details, please contact respective training institutes direct.

The Annex is in Chinese. English version will be provided upon request.