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Apr 2022

Is it all right to eat this way?

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Date & time
13Apr 2022 (Wed)16:00 - 17:00 Free
Type of Event
Online Attendance
  • Ms Danica Yau (Registered Dietitian and Chairman of the Hong Kong Dietitians Association)
Ms Danica Yau

Ms Danica Yau

香港營養師協會會長; 澳洲註冊營養師; 香港營養師協會正式會員; 香港認可營養師學院認可營養師; 衛生署認可營養師名冊會員

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Does eating alkaline foods help fight against COVID-19? Can a saltwater mouth rinse prevent infection? Can drinking hot green tea with lemon juice kill the virus? Is Vitamin C the hero nutrient for optimal immunity?

During the COVID period, when many of us have faced major disruptions to our normal routines, eating healthily has become a big question. On 13 April, Ms Danica Yau, a registered dietitian, will share her professional knowledge of how diet and key nutrients can help support our immune system. She will also give dietary tips for weight management and maintaining long-term health during this challenging period.