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Microcredentials are small, credit bearing programmes which in themselves do not lead to a qualification but are often "stackable" into a larger award bearing qualification. They also tend to be skills based and professionally oriented.


A digital badge is a visual representation of your achievements, skill, quality or interest. The award of a microcredential will be represented by a digital badge or, if you complete a sufficient number of microcredentials, a digital badge and parchment for the stackable certificate or diploma.


Yes. Students have a choice, where Microcredentials are part of a "parent" programme, they may be stackable towards that parent award. However, such microcredential credits can only be stackable in one or another pathway, not both.


Professional Practice where the content is clearly of an applied nature under a defined theme, whereas the content of General Studies is more generic.


Microcredential accreditation varies from course to course. To see what a course offers, please check the course details from the "Awards and Programmes".


Subject to satisfaction of the prescribed minimum entry requirements, anyone looking to advance their career or increase their earning potential, those needing to upskill or make a career change, and yes, those looking for fun, engaging in learning to support a hobby or interest can all find a microcredential that fits their needs.


For a list of courses that contain a microcredential component, you can check on the "Awards and Programmes". Microcredentials are continuously being added to the list, including those conducted in a variety of languages, so please check back occasionally to see if microcredentials have been added to any courses you may be interested in.


Yes, microcredentials are stackable. You may accumulate them to earn a certificate or diploma. For details, please check "How to earn Microcredentials".


Many of the microcredentials are CEF eligible so application for financial support may be made to the Continuing Education Fund (CEF) of the Hong Kong Government.


Your digital badges can be viewed and downloaded on the SOUL online learning platform.


Yes for the “stackable” certificate and diploma.


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