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Jun 2023

Re-thinking the role and importance of Strength Training

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Open SPACE 2023
Sports, Exercise and Recreation Management

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Date & time
10Jun 2023 (Sat)15:45 - 16:45
HKU SPACE YouTube Channel
  • Mr Wong Hin Lun Alan (NSCA - CSCS)

Mr Wong Hin Lun Alan

NSCA - CSCS, HKU High Performance Manager

3762 0066 (
Relevant Programmes
Advanced Diploma in Sport Injury Prevention and Management Advanced Diploma in Recreation and Sports Management

This seminar begins by discussing the critical of strength training in sports performance and how high-performers are generally stronger than their peers. Then it will dive into the force-time relationship, characteristics, and how strength training can improve athletes' general and specific fitness attributes for all sports. Throughout the seminar, we will explore the benefits and limitations of strength training and how it can help to achieve athletic goals. For example, strength training can increase the potentiation effect, which can help athletes perform at their best when it matters most, and reduce injury rates, helping them stay healthy and perform at their peak for longer.

Language - Cantonese


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