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Life at HKU SPACE Memorabilia

Tracing the source of wisdom: our respectable tutor - Ch'ien Mu

Ch'ien Mu

Ch’ien Mu(30 July 1895-30 August 1990)

A renowned scholar and authority on Chinese history, Prof. Ch’ien Mu taught a number of courses including “Civilization of the T’ang Dynasty” in 1957, “Civilization of the Ming and Ts’ing Dynasties” in 1959, “The Civilization of the Six Dynasties Period” in 1961, and “Lectures on Chinese Literature” in 1966. Courses taught by Prof. Ch’ien (along with other tutors, for example, Prof. Jao Tsung-I, Prof. H. L. Lo, and Prof. F. S. Drake) were among the most popular course at that time. More than 50 students attended these classes in the first year.

Photo Courtesy of New Asia College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong