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HKU SPACE and Plymouth Universitycelebrate partnership with gin and good results

01 Nov 2014 (Sat)

Prof. Simon Payne, Pro Vice Chancellor, Dean of Academic Partnerships, Plymouth University

Student Ambassador Awardee 2014: Ms Lam Ka Wai

Student Ambassador Awardee 2014: Mr Woo Wai Kit, Kindle

Student Ambassador Awardee 2014: Ms Lee Lai Yee, Laura

Over the years, HKU SPACE and Plymouth University from the UK have been working closely to nurture Hong Kong’s professionals by running various quality degree programmes in the heart of the city. To celebrate the long-standing collaboration and to give potential students greater understanding of what Plymouth, one of the leading universities from the UK, can offer in Hong Kong, both parties jointly organised a “Plymouth University Day” recently. Attended by key personnel of HKU SPACE and Plymouth University, the Plymouth Day invited distinguished students and alumni to share their experience, as well as,  Patrick Yeung, head of operations, Starbucks Hong Kong and Macau to deliver a talk on “Becoming a Business Leader who Fosters Innovation”.

Stellar students share their success

One of the outstanding student awardees, Lam Ka Wai, believes that the key benefit she received from studying the Bachelor of Science (Honours) Business Management programme is the practical leadership and management knowledge she gained which has been helpful with her professional development. “I am working for a multinational printing company and responsible for merchandising and procurement, and in my day-to-day routine I have to deal with various functions who are in different countries. From the modules, I have learnt the strategies to understand different needs and wants of stakeholders, and the leadership mindset to effectively manage my subordinates,” she says.

According to Lam, formerly a Form 7 graduate with over 10 years of experience, a degree is essential in today’s corporate world. “Ten years ago when I began my career, having a degree was not essential to step foot in the industry, or even for getting a job. But now, it has become a necessity in business, and that’s why I joined the top-up, part-time degree programme to secure my career path,” Lam says. The programme also broadened her horizons as it allowed her to meet other professionals from other industries with different backgrounds. “In my class, there is even a fireman. It’s not what I could have imagined before I joined the programme,” she says.

Value added programmes boosts career prospects and spurs self-improvement

Another exceptional student from the Bachelor of Science (Honours) International Supply Chain and Shipping Management programme, Kindle Woo, appreciates how the course has assisted with his career advancement. “Currently I am working in a trading company within logistic and distribution, and I have been offered a position as a supply chain manager with another company. This to me is a motivating factor and a major change in life,” Woo says. Asked why he joined the programme two years ago, Woo says: “The logistic and supply chain industry has changed dramatically since I joined more than ten years ago. For instance, after China joined the WTO it had a great impact on the shipping regulations. In order to stay inline with industry trends, I ought to study and keep upgrading myself.” Woo adds that the one thing which he wants to credit the programme is the quality of the academic staff. “A combination of Plymouth scholars and local professionals with over 30 years of experience in the field, they just understand what we need, what the industry needs and where it is heading,” he says.

A graduate of the Bachelor of Science (Honours) Tourism Management who works for a private hospital in Hong Kong, Laura Lee finds herself transformed after the programme in terms of her mindset and judgment. “My education background was in science, and I think that is the reason why I always only used to see ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ in everything. But after studying the course, I feel ‘enlightened’ and I am enable to make decisions and judgments from different angles. It’s no longer only ‘black and white’. To this personal change and a widening of perspective, I am obliged to thank the tutors and lecturers who promote critical and creative thinking all the time in class,” Lee says.

As an outstanding student awardee, Lee has plans to pursue a master’s degree at local university and hopes to become a company secretary in the coming future. “I strongly believe that continuous education is essential in life, as the world is changing all the time, so is our environment. Either you will succeed, or lose out,” she says. 

Plymouth, beyond gin and the sea

Recently named by Times Higher Education as one of the top 300 universities worldwide, Plymouth University has nurtured over 30,000 students in the UK and is in collaboration with numerous overseas partners including HKU SPACE.  The five degree programmes jointly offered in Hong Kong by HKU SPACE and Plymouth are the Bachelor of Science (Honours) Business ManagementBachelor of Arts (Honours) International Trade and Operations ManagementBachelor of Science (Honours) International Supply Chain and Shipping ManagementBachelor of Science (Honours) Hospitality Managementand the Bachelor of Science (Honours) Tourism Management programme.

The top 40 universities of UK never stops its pace in terms of improvement and advancement. Plymouth’s recent investment in campus facilities has ensured that it has the infrastructure in place to continue to deliver research and teaching to world-class standards. With a £19 million marine building, a £25 million investment in translational and stratified medicine, a £7 million performing arts centre and another £4.9 million marine station, the university is dedicated to use its knowledge and expertise to create a lasting legacy for the region and beyond.