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2nd International Conference on Quality in Self-financed Higher Education 'Connecting Local and Global'

About the Conference


Self-financed higher education in Hong Kong is an important provider of quality continuing and professional education opportunities for learners, both part-time for working adults and full-time for school leavers and sub-degree holders.  In addition to local awards, the availability of transnational education (TNE) programmes has been important in increasing the variety of offerings and the international recognition of the qualifications awarded. 

HKU SPACE has a history of over 60 years and is one of the major providers of self-financed and transnational education in Hong Kong.  During the rapid expansion of TNE opportunities in the 1990s, HKU SPACE led the way in collaboration with overseas universities.  As the policy landscape and demand for TNE is rapidly changing, HKU SPACE invites local and international educators, researchers, education policy makers and professionals from academia and industry to contribute their experience to discuss the likely future of transnational education in this international conference.

Advanced technology has fundamentally changed the way that courses and learning materials are being designed and delivered in different disciplines and professions. Unique learning experiences can now be crafted across virtual, national and disciplinary boundaries much more easily.  What are some of the advantages, shortcomings and limitations of these new developments? How might they impact the delivery of transnational education in terms of the delivery of hybrid or blended courses, the operation of outreach and exchange programmes, the integration of technology in teaching, and the development of dual or concurrent modes of learning?  This conference will address these issues accordingly.