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Digital and social media revolution has transformed the marketing industry. The Advanced Diploma in Digital and Social Media Marketing is designed to equip you with the latest marketing knowledge and practices in digital, social media, mobile marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content and video marketing, market analytics, etc. The programme also prepares you for further education at degree level and career advancement.
Start 02 JUL 2024 (TUE)
Duration 20 months to max. 40 months
Fee HK$4,250 per module (Subject to change without prior notice)
The BA (Hons) Marketing and Management programme equips students with the latest marketing and management knowledge such as marketing communications, digital marketing, social media, brand management, strategic management, etc. It aims to uplift students’ competitiveness and employability in job market. With professional training, students will be able to develop effective marketing and management strategies to solve business problems in competitive business environment.
Start 04 SEP 2024 (WED)
Duration 18 months
This programme focuses on the practical aspects of designing and planning a digital and social media marketing campaign, as part of the overall marketing strategy.
Start 16 APR 2024 (TUE)
Duration 3 months
Fee HK$6,000
In the digital economy nowadays, most successful marketers have strong data analytic skills and creativity which enable them to craft smart marketing strategies and innovative business solutions in the highly complex and competitive business environment. The programme "Executive Certificate in Data-driven Creative Thinking for Marketers" is designed to prepare marketers with data analytic skills and foster their creative thinking mindset. Marketers who are well-versed in data analytics and able to take it one step further to combine the insights from numbers and apply to creative problem solving will be highly sought after. 
Start To be advised
Duration 5 weeks
開課日期 待定
修業期 2個月
課程費用 課程費用

HK$7,000 (早鳥優惠- 凡於2022年3月3日或之前報名)

HK$7,000 (二人同行優惠)

This programme aims to provide students with knowledge on up-to-date digital, social media and content marketing strategies and tactics. It also provides hands-on and practical techniques and tools for students to build the essential skills and strategic mindset to bolster their brand in the digital age.
開課日期 待定
修業期 3個月
課程費用 HK$6,750
The MSc Digital and Social Media Marketing programme is jointly offered by University of Plymouth and HKU SPACE.This programme will deliver a mix of new and best practice in contemporary digital and social media marketing, along with significant communications insight and strategic insight into the digital sector. This will benefit both business and non-business graduates who wants to move into a more digital role in their career and/or develop as digital marketing specialists.
Start 23 APR 2024 (TUE)
Duration 18 months
Fee Total course fee : HK$118,000
(HK$21,720 to HK$31,120 per module; and subject to annual change without prior notice)
The MSc in Marketing is a two-year part-time programme jointly offered by Edinburgh Napier University and HKU SPACE since Year 2000. The programme aimed to equip students with the knowledge and intellectual capabilities to successfully develop a career in marketing management.
Start 11 JUN 2024 (TUE)
Duration 24 months to 28 months
Fee HK$99,000 (payable in two instalments)

The MSc in Marketing with Digital Strategy is a two-year part-time programme jointly offered by Edinburgh Napier University and HKU SPACE. The programme equips students with the digital skills and strategic marketing knowledge to meet current demand for people who can thrive in the digital business environment. Suitable for those with no previous marketing knowledge, this higher degree will increase students’ employability, empowering students to have the confidence and knowledge to meet employers’ present and future digital and marketing needs, and give students the advanced digital skills necessary to develop new business and marketing opportunities.

Start 11 JUN 2024 (TUE)
Duration 24 months to 28 months
Fee HK$99,000 (payable in two instalments)
This Postgraduate Diploma is both vocationally and academically oriented to provide opportunities for marketing professionals and general business practitioners to upgrade their knowledge and skills in digital and social media marketing to cope with the challenges and dynamics of the changing market as well as to articulate to Master's degree programmes with credit exemption.
Start 15 JUL 2024 (MON)
Duration 12 months to 24 months
Fee HK$5,700
This 36-hour Certificate programme is designed for those want to understand better the contextual factors that shape media structures, policies and management practices. It aims to critically review strategic and operational opportunities as well as the problems of media organisations within the current information environment.  With reference to socio-legal perspectives on media and regulatory issues, a comparative analysis of models and principles of media regulation governing access to media infrastructure and content in both conventional mass media and new digital communications technologies will be included.
Start To be advised
Duration 12 weeks
Fee HK$10,000