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航空、交通及物流 航空及飛行


預計未來二十年全球對額外飛機師的需求將持續上升。自 2006 年起,香港大學專業進修學院(HKU SPACE )提供不同的航空飛行員相關培訓課程,讓學生了解私人飛機駕駛牌照 (PPL) 培訓要求的知識和飛機操作的基本概念。多年來,超過 100 名SPACE 航空課程的畢業生加入不同的本地和國際航空公司,開始他們的專業飛機師職業生涯。通過使用最先進的全方位動態飛行模擬器、互動式課堂培訓和最新的虛擬現實(VR)技術培訓,將能夠加強學生對飛機控制的知識和技能。

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The programme will enhance students’ knowledge and skills of flight control through participation in flight simulation practice. It is designed for those who have acquired the basic Private Pilot Licence (PPL) theory knowledge and would like to prepare themselves for the real flying training at the initial stage up to the First Solo level.
Start 28 SEP 2023 (THU)
Duration 30 hours
Fee HK$5200
This programme is based on the syllabus for the Private Pilot's Licence (Aeroplanes) published by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) of the Australian Government. It contains four articulated modules which will lead to the Private Pilot Licence (PPL) level of training. Industry graded flight simulator is available for students' practice (with Aeroplane model Cessna C172) throughout the programme.
Start 06 DEC 2023 (WED)
Duration 1.5 years to 2 years
The programme will equip students with a comprehensive understanding of the work operation procedures of commercial flying in Hong Kong. Students will also acquire knowledge and related information to be a commercial jet aircraft pilot. Experienced teachers including Captain or Senior pilots of local airlines.

Students who have completed the whole programme (70% Attendance) plus a pass in the assessment will be awarded a Certificate for Module (Operation Procedures of Commercial Flying in Hong Kong) within the HKU system through HKU SPACE. 
Start 08 DEC 2023 (FRI)
Duration 36 hours
Fee HK$5100
The programme will equip students with a comprehensive understanding of helicopter flying during the initial stage of flight training. Students will acquire knowledge of instrument systems, flight theory, meteorology, and operational procedures.
Start 09 DEC 2023 (SAT)
Duration 36 hours
Fee HK$4500
This course is designed for senior secondary students who are interested in aviation and have the passion to fly an aeroplane. It will prepare students with necessary knowledge and skills that are required for supporting their future practical flight training. The curriculum is based on the syllabus for the Australian Private Pilot Licence (Aeroplanes) published by Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) of the Australian Government.
Start To be advised
Duration 75 hours
Start To be advised
Duration 2 years to 2 years

It aims to provide students the fundamental knowledge and skills required by the aviation industry guide students understand the reality and prospects of the aviation industry, and stimulate students' interest for further study and career development in the field.  
Start 07 OCT 2023 (SAT)
Duration 2 years
This course does not teach general English, but is designed for students who aim to pursue a career as a Commercial Pilot and pass the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) English Proficiency Test at Level 4. The course design, curriculum and mock test are based on the requirements set out in the "Manual on the Implementation of ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements - 2nd addition 2010 doc 9835”.
Start To be advised
Duration 54 hours
Fee HK$11000