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Applied psychology is the use of theory and findings in psychology to solve practical problems in important areas of the human environment, including education, health, the workplace, and so on. This programme is designed to help participants apply cutting-edge theory to real-world situations. It is made up of different registered psychologists and other related specialists to deliver a powerful curriculum that explores a range of human behaviors, including how to motivate individuals and organizations, how to assess and improve performance and how to pursue healthy lives.
Start 06 NOV 2024 (WED)
Duration 6 months
Fee HK$8,600

The programme is designed to give students an understanding of the methodologies and issues in engaging the public in science. It aims to explore the role played by culture and media in science communication and discuss ways to deliver content and utilise technology and digital media to facilitate effective communication of science to different audiences.  [We are delighted to have a guest speaker who will share with you some insights on science communication. To learn more about the speaker and the topic, please click on the image on the right hand side.]

Start To be advised
Duration 30 hours
Fee HK$7,500
In order to improve the quality of governance in Hong Kong, it is important to first improve the quality of the politicians. This executive programme is a specialized course commissioned by the Path of Democracy, which aims to train and develop young political leaders to meet the needs and unique political situation in Hong Kong.
Start 07 SEP 2024 (SAT)
Duration about 10 months
Fee Course Fee : HK$32,800 per programme (excluding field trip expenses)

Scholarship for applicants who meet the criteria* and approved by Path of Democracy Sponsorship Committee may receive half-tuition scholarships

*(1) who have obtained their first degree within the last 5 years; or
*(2) who have special financial needs.

In the post-VUCA era, the majority of the workforce is from Generation Z while others are from different generations. In order to engage the Millennium at work and achieve organisational goals more effectively, It is necessary for leaders to understand the beliefs, values, personalities and behaviours of young employees. This understanding will help leaders to be more analytical and able to predict the responses of employees in different situations. Leaders will be more able to influence employees, create a positive and innovate working environment, solve difficult problems, promote team work and facilitate organisational changes.

Start To be advised
Duration 12 months
Fee HK$75,000

In the era of digital economy, executives should not only be professional in their functions but also know how to engage their people, including open communication, value people over task, team approach, accept ambiguity and facilitate staff's development. This programme will improve your knowledge and skill in coaching. But, more important is before coaching others, you need to learn how to coach yourself: be more humble, willing to listen, be active in listening. Through the approach of coaching-based leadership, you will understand how to enhance yourself, at the same time, improve performance through the development of your staff.

Start To be advised
Duration 12 months
Fee HK$72,000
The programme aims to meet the continuing education and professional development needs of people who are currently working in public relations or those who have aspirations in this area. The programme provides students with knowledge in practical public relations techniques and tools to achieve the corporate's branding goals and objectives.
Start To be advised
Duration 1 month
Fee HK$7,000
The programme aims to offer an interdisciplinary exploration of the contemporary development in the social media and digital communication in the local and global contexts.
The programme examines the impacts and applications of social media in influencing corporate communication, advertising, public relations, entertainment and commerce. It focuses on developing the students’ imaginative and analytical abilities as well as the communication and practical skills across diverse platforms and environments. It challenges and encourages students to extend and explore their professional practices and become innovative and resourceful leaders in the rapidly evolving media and communication industries.

Start 20 APR 2024 (SAT)
Duration Around 12 months
Fee HK$41,200
This programme aims to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to become effective programme planners, and trainers in adult and vocational education institutions, teachers of post-secondary education colleges, as well as human development personnel in corporations and businesses.

This programme is suitable for Trainers in commerce, industry and public sectors; Teachers in vocational, technical, professional, community and adult education; Personnel involved in programme management, administration and human resources development. The course is open to applicants without prior teaching or training experience.
Start 27 APR 2024 (SAT)
Duration 14 months
Fee HK$45000
This Postgraduate Certificate in Public Relations and Corporate Communication focuses to link up students’ conceptual thinking with hands-on processes for managing the key areas of contemporary public relations, corporate communication and media relations. Students will be equipped with updated knowledge and knowhow to analyse, plan, formulate and design practical and innovative solutions that help address the Public Relations, Corporate Communication or Media Relations challenges that organizations are facing nowadays. By influencing and building up mutual relationships with key stakeholders such as media professionals, customers and community, the organization will effectively achieve their business and brand goals.
Start 11 MAY 2024 (SAT)
Duration Around 9 months
Fee HK$19,930
This programme aims to help students keep abreast of the contemporary concepts and practices of public relations and corporate communication.

With the multidisciplinary curriculum, students is exposed to the up-to-date knowledge of strategic planning, skills of influencing stakeholders, knowhow of managing crisis and reputation, as well as the many various communication challenges any for-profit, non-for-profit or government organization is facing today.
Start 11 MAY 2024 (SAT)
Duration Around 1 year and 6 months
Fee HK$39,860

This Postgraduate Diploma programme caters for the teachers, therapists, social workers and health-related professionals, providing them with practical experience, systematic training and environment to the interested and qualified students to fulfill one quarter of the requirements to become a registered music therapist with the Australian Music Therapy Association.

On completion of the programme, students should be able to:

  1. acquire initial skills in the use of music as a medium to stimulate positive health and educational changes in child clients;
  2. be able to fulfil the task of a music therapist in training using basic methods; and
  3. learn basic design and appraisal of therapeutic programme or approach within the appropriate ethical standards of practice for working with child clients.
Start 01 MAR 2025 (SAT)
Duration 1.5 years
Fee HK$55,380