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4月 2023

Annual School Concert: The Joys of Spring




2023年4月14日 (星期五)20:00 - 21:15 免費
2910 7680 (

The days are getting warmer, winter is behind us and the sun is out, so what better theme to welcome the vibrant rebirth of our Annual School Concert than “The Joys of Spring”.

This year, the concert will celebrate the most joyful of seasons with a selection of musical riches to take you around the world, lighten your heart and bring joy to your soul.  To set the scene and pay tribute to our reawakening city, teacher Samuel Ng and two outstanding students Yue Hin and Thomas Yeung will take us out into the streets of Hong Kong with a busking performance. And if that doesn’t set your feet tapping then another talented HKU SPACE teacher Cal and Zoe will show you how with a riveting tap performance.

Then it will be time for teacher Alex Chen and Mida Pang to take us across the world and serenade us with a selection of popular hits, before Felix Ungar and his string quartet whisk us off to Europe and elsewhere for some classical elegance.

Finally, Elsa Lee and Cherry Tsang will enchant us with their piano skills for a specially and rewarding joy to set our hearts aglow to blossom in the new year. 

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