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Recently, the rapid growth of economy and living standards in Asia drives up the sales volume of pharmaceutical products in the region. Hong Kong is geographically located centrally in both the Greater China and Greater Bay Area. With its free trade policy, Hong Kong attracted numerous multinational pharmaceutical companies to establish offices in the city. Besides, the city’s aging population, increased disease burden, and growing disposable income continue to provide excellent opportunities for the pharmaceutical sector to expand. Accordingly, to be a qualified staff in the pharmaceutical sector in the future, he/she should be knowledgeable about clinical pharmacy and drug dispensing, pharmaceutical science, medical laws and regulatory affairs, medical operations, pharmacovigilance, pharmaceutical logistics as well as the required skills and competencies.

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University of Sunderland, United Kingdom
A course provides an opportunity for pharmacists to develop a clinical knowledge base, expertise and skills in evidence-based practice, specialist therapeutic areas and clinical research.
Start 08 OCT 2023 (SUN)
Duration 2 years
Fee HK$101,000
開課日期 2022年10月27日 (星期四)
修業期 1年零9個月
課程費用 第一部分 (藥理學及藥事管理學單元) :HK$14,000 (不包括報名費HK$150)
第二部分 (基層醫療藥物服務單元): HK$12,000

三個單元合共 HK$26,000

This programme aims at introducing to students who are interested in the field of pharmaceutical and healthcare products logistics, the current industrial overview and operational concepts on supply chain and Good Distribution Practices (GDP) for pharmaceutical and healthcare products.
Start 18 NOV 2022 (FRI)
Duration 30 hours
Fee HK$4500
開課日期 2023年1月13日 (星期五)
修業期 7個月
課程費用 HK$8,800

The programme intends to develop frontline health professionals’ clinical competency on understanding and management of health and drug issues in elderly people.  The programme content aims to enhance the understanding of the management of the health issues, the interpretation of the health status, therapeutics for chronic diseases, infectious diseases and cancer.  The programme will also highlight the duties and tasks of care givers.

Start 14 FEB 2023 (TUE)
Duration 10 weeks
Fee HK$5,500
The programme provides students with a foundation in drug safety and pharmacovigilance principles so as to enable them to be competent in the field. Staff who are working in pharmaceutical production, import/export of pharmaceuticals, retailing and wholesaling of pharmaceuticals, procurement and supply of pharmaceutical products, pharmaceutical regulatory affairs department, risk communication for the drug safety and/or pharmaceutical education can apply.
Start 24 FEB 2023 (FRI)
Duration 10 months
Fee HK$12000
The aim of this programme is to help participants understand local laws, regulations, guidance and enforcement actions that apply to various healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical products, Chinese medicines and medical devices. It also provides them with an overview of the Undesirable Medical Advertisements Ordinance and many controversial medico-legal topics including legal issues at the end-of-life, medical negligence, patient consent, confidentiality and capacity.
Start 22 MAR 2023 (WED)
Duration 10 weeks
Fee HKD 9,200
Regenerative medicine is about the repair or replacement of damaged cells, tissues, and organs in relation to more than one of the following fields: cell and molecular biology, material science and engineering, immunology and genetics, physiology and pharmacology and even surgery and transplantation. Due to the recent rapid  development of regenerative medicine technology, there are many business opportunities of regenerative medicine in medical areas available to people.
Start To be advised
Duration 30 hours
Fee HK$6800

The programme aims to equip frontline professionals with advance knowledge on pathology and the principles of pharmacology in treatment of patients with mental illness and neurological disorders. The programme will focus on the pathology of various mental illness and neurological disorders, including bipolar disorders, depression, and dementia.  The programme will also highlight the application of psychiatric drugs and / or neurological drugs to different psychiatric illnesses and / or neurological disorders. Clinical management and monitoring of drug efficacy and side effects will be addressed.

Start To be advised
Duration 3 months
Fee HK$5,500
This programme aims to introduce students with the fundamental mathematical and statistical techniques that are required for life sciences and pharmacy studies.
Start To be advised
Duration 32.5 hours
Fee 5800