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11月 2022
6月 2023

Parent Education Talks for Parents of Non-Chinese Speaking Students in Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary Schools (2022/23 school year) Commissioned by Education Bureau

*From November 2022 to June 2023

 *On Saturday Afternoon

 *18 Talks in 2022/23 School Year

*Keynote Speech, Exhibition & Game Booths on topics covering supporting your children in learning,  learning the Chinese language, career development and future studies, maintaining a positive parent-child relationship, learning experience shared by students or school leavers, and home-school cooperation.

 *Talk Series: 3 Series (each series includes 3 Talks)  for parents of kindergarten, primary and secondary school students. A Statement of Attendance will be issued to participants who have successfully attained the required attendance.

*For any inquiries: WhatsApp: 9772 7943; Email:

講座系列一 (幼稚園級別)

講座系列二 (小學級別)

講座系列三 (中學級別)