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A Graduate from BA (Hons) Marketing and ManagementMs Lo Yee Man Grace

Graduate Sharing - BA (Hons) Marketing and Management

"This programme is practical, providing students with comprehensive business and marketing knowledge. It also enabled me to acquire deeper understanding of the international market environment. The lecturers are professional and passionate about teaching. Ample examples and case studies of both global and local market were provided by lecturers which widened my view. Classes are interesting and interactive where students from different industries could be able to learn a lot from each other. One of the most exciting modules is the Independent study. It involved conduct of researches, data collection and analysis which gave me an experience of self-directed learning. The completion of the final report gave me tremendous satisfaction. The knowledge and insights I gained are definitely helpful in developing my own business with a global vision."

Programme details: Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Marketing and Management