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Plymouth University x HKU SPACE Day 2017活動重溫

2017年10月12日 (星期四)

Plymouth University and HKU SPACE have jointly organised a Plymouth University x HKU SPACE Day with Professional Seminars and Programme Information Sessions on 12 October 2017.

The event started with an opening speech by Professor Simon Payne, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of University of Plymouth, and Professor N.R. Liu, Head of College of Business and Finance, HKU SPACE. After the opening speech, Mr. Jeff Bent, Managing Director, Worldwide Cruise Terminals gave a Keynote speech on the topic “Metamorphosis: Case Study of a City’s Evolving Aspirations as Reflected in Urban Planning at Kai Tak”. Participants learnt a lot on the past and future development at Kai Tak and its neighbouring area.

Afterwards, two parallel industry guest talk sessions were held in the themes of Tourism and Hospitality, Maritime & Logistics Industry.

In Tourism and Hospitality Industry Guest Talk Session, Ms. Laura Escober, Crew trainer, MSC Cruises in Hong Kong & Macau district had uncovered some tips on job requirements, the living and working conditions on board cruise ships. If you are interested to know more, you can review this session at here

In Maritime & Logistics Industry Guest Talk Session, Mr. Michael Cheng, Corporate Member of Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport in Hong Kong, and Hong Kong Sea Transport and Logistics Association, shared a view of career tips in maritime & logistics industries.

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