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Diploma in Teacher Librarianship

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02 Oct 2018 (Tue)
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2 years
English and Chinese
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Deadline on 11 Sep 2018 (Tue)

This course aims to develop teacher librarians in the skills and knowledge to manage a school library, to build up resources for curriculum development, to assist in teaching and learning and to cultivate in students the attributes of independent inquiry skills. It also develops teacher librarians with personal and professional competencies in resources planning, management and discovery, collaboration among different users, leadership, as well as use of information technology and research methods.

This is a two-year part-time programme. The programme is under the monitorship of Education Bureau and jointly organized by HKUSPACE. The certificate will be awarded to those who can satisfactorily complete the course and meet the stipulated attendance.

This programme has two streams: one is for primary school teacher librarians and the other for secondary school teacher librarians. It is designed for serving and newly appointed teacher librarians.

Upon completion of this programme, students should be able to:

  • analyze information needs of school library users and recognize the goals and trends of school curriculum so as to provide quality school library services;
  • collect, organize and provide access to information and learning resources in school libraries with accordance to curriculum objectives and the role of teacher librarian in teaching and learning;
  • design and evaluate information sources, databases and systems to facilitate efficient and effective learning;
  • select ways of disseminating information for teaching and learning activities;
  • promote collaborative planning and teaching with teachers;
  • master methods for the cultivation of student’s abilities to carry out independent inquiry and projects.

Primary stream: the programme consists of 11 modules with 225 contact hours to be completed in 2 years.

Secondary stream: the programme consists of 12 modules with 225 contact hours to be completed in 2 years.

The modules for primary school and secondary school teacher librarians are:

Primary School

Module Name Contact Hours
Year 1 (total 114 contact hours)
Teacher Librarianship in Primary School 15
Cataloguing and Classification 45
Collection Management for Young Children 15
Promoting Reading Habits in School 15
Information Technologies and School Libraries 24 
Year 2 (total 111 contact hours)  
Information Literacy and Cyber Ethics 18
Information Sources for Inquiry-based Learning 15
Mentorship and Professional Practice 15

Children Literature

Part 1: Chinese Literature

Part 2: English Literature




Use of Mobile Technology 15
Project-based Learning 15

Secondary School

Module Name Contact Hours
Year 1 (total 114 contact hours)  
Teacher Librarianship in Secondary School 15
Cataloguing and Classification 45
Collection Management 15
Reading Culture in School 15
Information Technologies and School Libraries 24
Year 2 (total 111 contact hours)  
Information Literacy 21
Information Sources and Services 15
Mentorship and Professional Practice 15
Literature for Young Adults 15
Digital Libraries 15
Advanced Cataloguing and Classifications 15
Information Retrieval 15

During the course of study, students will participate in a placement program that will allow them to gain valuable experience from another serving teacher librarian and to apply those skills in library services.

Assessment for each module will be based on assignments, and if necessary a written examination. 80% attendance of the scheduled meetings for each module is required. A student, who fails in a module, will be reassessed or will repeat the module as determined by the Board of Examiners. A fee of HK$2,200 (subject to review) is chargeable for each module to be retaken.

Candidates successfully completed this programme can apply for exemption from certain courses offered by the HKU Faculty of Education (some conditions may apply); or for admission to the Bachelor of Information Studies or Master of Information Studies jointly offered by the Charles Sturt University and HKU SPACE.

Days / Time
  • Tuesday/ 2:00pm - 5:00pm; Monday to Friday / 6:30pm - 9:30pm
  • Saturday/ 9:00am - 12:00pm or 2:00pm - 5:00pm
  • 1 to 2 sessions per week
  • A team of tutors whose qualifications are approved by EDB
  • Applicants should have a teacher certificate and a minimum of two years teaching experience, or their equivalence. Preference will be given to newly appointed teacher librarians.
  • Applications from serving librarians or subject teachers are also welcome. A supporting document certifying that applicant is a teacher librarian, librarian or subject teacher will be an advantage. Proficiency in English and Chinese language is requested.

Note: All new teacher librarians who want to be sponsored by Education Bureau (EDB) should apply through the EDB following its training calendar.

Course Fee
  • HK$23200 per instalment (1st Installment for Year 1; Subject to review)
  • HK$23200 per instalment (2nd Installment for Year 2; Subject to review)

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Application Form

Enrolment Method

We provide online application and payment service for students to make enrolment via the Internet. Enrolment will be confirmed once students have made the payment online by using either PPS or credit card.

For first-come, first-served courses:
  1. Complete the online application form
    Click the "Apply Now" button on the top right hand corner of the course webpage to make online application. Follow the instructions to fill-in the online application form.
  2. Make Online Payment
    Pay the course fees by either using

    PPS via Internet - You will need a PPS account and a PPS Internet password. For information on how to open a PPS account and how to set up a PPS Internet password, please visit

    Credit Card Online Payment - Course fees can be paid by VISA or MasterCard via a secure online payment gateway for all first-come, first-served courses.

For award-bearing programmes:

Selected award-bearing programmes also provide online enrolment and payment service for its students.

If your programme accepts online enrolment and payment, a re-enrolment icon will be shown on the course webpage. Click the icon and follow the instructions to perform online enrolment and payment. You will receive relevant information from the programme team nearer the time of enrolment.

You may click here directly to access the online enrolment and payment service.

Please note the followings:

  1. Admission is on a first-come, first-served basis. Enrolment will be confirmed once you have made the payment online. You will receive a payment confirmation after payment has been made successfully. You are advised to keep your payment confirmation for future enquiries.
  2. Fees paid are not refundable except as statutorily provided or under very exceptional circumstances.
  3. To make an application online, you will need a computer with connection to the Internet and a web browser with JavaScript enabled. Internet Explorer 5.01 or above is recommended as the web browser.


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Payment Method

Applications must enclose photocopies of appropriate certificates, academic records and other relevant supporting documents along with the special application form together with the "SF26" application form. Application should be sent to Ms Angie Ng, HKU SPACE, College of Life Sciences and Technology, 13/F., Fortress Tower, 250 King's Road, Hong Kong. Please note that course fee will only be collected from successful applicants after the selection process.

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