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12月 2022

Transforming Regulatory Compliance into a Strategic Advantage- Postgraduate Joint Seminar in Law and Business

專業法律課程, 金融法規




2022年12月13日 (星期二)19:30 - 20:30
金鐘夏愨道18號海富中心2樓205室 及 HKU SPACE Law Facebook page 網上直播:
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2520-4665 (
HKU SPACE Law Facebook Page
Postgraduate Diploma in Finance and Law Postgraduate Diploma in FinTech and Legal Regulations Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting and Commercial Law
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  • Dr. Ringo Chan, Senior Programme Director, HKU SPACE
  • Mr Ferrix Lau, Programme Director, HKU SPACE
  • Dr. Thomas Ng , Programme Director, HKU SPACE 

Law, Business, and Regulatory Compliance.

Organizations everywhere wrestle with an ongoing challenge of regulatory compliance, regulatory compliance can mean the difference between winning or losing the business. HKU SPACE offers a range of postgraduate programmes to ensure you have the skills to meet those challenges.

HKU SPACE provides a range of high-quality business and law postgraduate programs to suit your learning needs, in this upcoming seminar we will highlight a range of our flagship programs.

Postgraduate Diploma in Finance and Law is designed to give you a sophisticated understanding of the legal and regulatory framework for the local and international financial sector, by taking an integrated approach to finance and law. Financial institutions need leaders who have extensive knowledge relating to the legal issues in international finance and banking.

Postgraduate Diploma in FinTech and Legal Regulations aims to impart interdisciplinary knowledge of FinTech and legal regulations to students who are interested in the latest applications of FinTech and related legal issues. It examines contemporary elements and topics of FinTech as well as explains the regulatory framework and statutory compliance.

Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting and Commercial Law aims to equip students with essential accounting knowledge and educate students on laws, and regulations governing business operations & commercial transactions. Acquiring knowledge in commercial law and receiving formal training in accounting is of equal importance to those who would like to advance to senior management or become entrepreneurs.

Come to our hybrid seminar (face to-face + Facebook live) to discover how our flagship postgraduate business and law programmes will propel you toward business and legal success.