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Become a lawyer or legal executive via the Certificate in Legal Studies, Hong Kong's most sought-after part-time law program with over 20,000 successful graduates.

Program advantages including a unique pathways to  PCLL, high exam success rates, a flexible schedule, and a convenient course structure tailored for working professionals. Enroll now!

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Start 30 APR 2024 (TUE)
Duration 9-13 months
Fee Professional Stream: HK$39,000 per year (Final cost as low as $14,000 for eligible students who successfully claim CEF reimbursement)
This programme aims to impart inter-disciplinary knowledge of FinTech and legal regulations to students who are interested in the latest applications of FinTech and related legal issues. It examines contemporary elements and issues of FinTech and applies computational tools to finance and investment through practical workshops in the computer laboratory. The programme illustrates the applications of AI, RegTech, blockchain and robo advisory as well as explains the regulatory framework and statutory compliance.
Start 09 MAR 2024 (SAT)
Duration 12 months to 24 months
Fee Module fee: $11,000 (course fees are subject to change without prior notice)
2 installment-:1st- three modules: $33,000 and 2nd- three modules: $33,000
The Programme aims to equip students with essential accounting knowledge, educate students on laws, regulations governing business operations & commercial transactions.
Start 01 MAY 2024 (WED)
Duration 1 year to 3 years

Postgraduate Diploma in Finance and Law is designed to give you a sophisticated understanding of the legal and regulatory framework for the local and international financial sector, by taking an integrated approach to finance and law. Financial institutions need leaders who have extensive knowledge relating to the legal issues in international finance and banking.
This PGDFL creates a new kind of financial services professional: graduates who are trained in both finance and law. You will develop an advanced interdisciplinary understanding of relevant legal and financial contexts and combines a highly analytic academic core with applications informed by current practice.

Start 04 MAY 2024 (SAT)
Duration 12 months to 48 months
Fee HK$7,400 per Finance module (Subject to approval)
HK$10,500 per Law module
Start your studies on HKU SPACE's popular Certificate  in Legal Studies (Professional Stream) to continue via the Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Legal Studies to qualify as a  Legal Executive and enjoy multiple pathways towards the PCLL.
Start To be advised
Duration 9 months
Fee Professional Stream: HK$39,000 per year
Exam Fee: $800 per sitting
Start your studies on HKU SPACE's popular Certificate and Diploma in Legal Studies (Professional Stream) to continue via the Advanced Diploma in Legal Studies to qualify as a  Legal Executive and enjoy an exclusive fast track towards the PCLL.
Start To be advised
Duration 6 months
The programme will enable students to examine and analyse a range of legal areas which specifically affect stakeholders within the sports industry.
Start To be advised
Duration 30 hours
Fee HK$7000
The programme aims to provide students with a broad understanding of the principles and guided practices in the procedural elements in mediation.  It intends to equip students to play a significant role in conducting a mediation session.

On completion of the programme, students should be able to:
  1. distinguish the merits of mediation, and the range and limitations of various methods of mediation and negotiation;
  2. identify issues in scenarios where mediation is applicable and formulate strategies to resolve a dispute by mediation; and
  3. communicate with parties effectively and manage and control the stages of mediation.

Successful completion of the 40-hour course is recognized by the Hong Kong Mediation Accreditation Association Limited (HKMAAL) as meeting Stage 1 training requirement. Students need to complete two further satisfactory assessments or conduct two actual mediations to be accredited as General Panel of Mediator.
Start 15 JUN 2024 (SAT)
Duration 3 weeks
Start To be advised
Duration 2 years