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Meet Our LAW Alumni

CLS Graduates
Dr Nisha Mohamed

"The Certificate in Legal Studies equipped me for success on the PCLL."

CLS Graduate
Jasmin Chan

"Why did I start my law studies on the Certificate in Legal Studies?"

Irene Cheng

"Certificate in Legal Studies is an essential step towards being admitted to the full-time PCLL."

CLS graduate
Ashfaq Ahmed 

"Perfect starting point for anyone interested in progressing towards the full-time PCLL."

Van Ma

"Without the Graduate Diploma in English and Hong Kong Law, I wouldn’t be who I am today.”

GDEHKL Graduate
Ben Rigby

"Stand out from other job applicants when applying for legal work in the UK."

Cliff Buddle

"As a senior editor at the South China Morning Post, I still use what I learned today."