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LLB Graduate with First Class Honours University of LondonMs Leung Yan

2016年11月15日 (星期二)

Bachelor of Laws Graduate with 1st Class Honours - Yan Leung

I am very honoured to be awarded 1st class honours in LL.B.. One of the reasons for choosing this programme is that it is widely-recognized so it is bound to be conducive to my future career. Given the University of London's long history in education, I am assured of the quality of the programme. By studying locally at HKU SPACE for this international degree, I could pursue my studies without having to sacrifice time with my family as well.

To prepare for examinations, I started by building up the foundation through reading notes prepared by the lecturers and the Study Guides. Then I moved on to past examination papers drill where I could test my understanding of the various topics.

As my aspiration is to become a successful solicitor, I am currently studying for conversion examinations in order to pave the way to apply for the PCLL in 2016. Accomplishing this programme is definitely a milestone for me.

Last but not least, I would like to express profound gratitude to my parents, sister and friends for their support and encouragement which gave me great determination in pursuing my dream.