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LLB Graduate with First Class Honours University of London Mr Donald Chan

2016年7月18日 (星期一)

I am thrilled and honoured to have graduated with a first class honours degree in Law.

Up to this very day, I am excited beyond words. This is not only a recognition of my academic success but also a reward for the hard work I have undertaken over the past three years and a key to gates of opportunities in my future. This is truly a climax in my academic career and my decision to study a law degree with University of London has truly changed my life.

I still remember my decision to undertake an LLB degree with University of London was linked with my wish to challenge myself and to explore different options as a teenager. Although I was still 17 years old and in the last year of my High School career, I decided to take up this law degree in order to test my ability and to step out of my own comfort zone. As this is a distance course and HKU SPACE provided lectures in the evening, which are spread-out over the year, the programme’s flexibility enabled me to meet different commitments. I was able to later explore my interest in neuroscience as a full-time undergraduate in UCLA during the penultimate year of my legal studies and to be able to undertake a year-long internship in a local law firm to experience life in the legal field during the final year of my legal studies.

The past three years have truly been a period of academic revelation. The University of London has a really high expectation from its students as it maintains an academic rigour that is seen as the gold-standard other universities look up to. In order to succeed in this programme, you have to truly understand and see the links between the large amounts of law and topics present in all the different courses. HKU SPACE was really helpful in providing intensive lectures conducted by first-class professors from prestigious UK universities to assist us in understanding and analysing different legal concepts and theories and to be there to provide both academic and practical advice for our studies and our career path.

Throughout the programme, I have gained more than just legal knowledge. I have developed practical skills that will assist me in my future legal career like an eye for precision and detail, a skill to dissect and analyse complex problems and time management skills to juggle multiple tasks concurrently and efficiently. More importantly, it has been part of a growth experience I have undergone over the past 3 years: succeeding in a wide variety of challenges to enable me to develop as a well-rounded person. The programme has prepared me with the proper skills and credentials to enter into a full-time PCLL programme and get one step closer towards entering the legal profession. I do hope with this perfect starting point, I will become a successful Hong Kong solicitor and thrive in what I do in the future.

I would like to use this chance to express my gratitude to University of London for providing this opportunity for me to begin a legal career, to HKU SPACE for all its assistance leading to my success in this programme and to my family and friends for their support over the past 3 years. I hope, in the future, I will make all of them proud.