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Aviation, Transport and Logistics Aviation Piloting

Australian Private Pilot Licence Theory Training (for Secondary School Students)

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75 hours
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This course is designed for senior secondary students who are interested in aviation and have the passion to fly an aeroplane. It will prepare students with necessary knowledge and skills that are required for supporting their future practical flight training. The curriculum is based on the syllabus for the Australian Private Pilot Licence (Aeroplanes) published by Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) of the Australian Government.

Programme Details

This programme contains three articulated modules which will lead to the recognized Australian General Flying Progress Test (GFPT) level of training.  A wide screen flight simulation practice (with Aeroplane model C152 & C172) will be used throughout the programme.

(1) Sky Experience Module (25 hours)

Introduce the general aviation and flying knowledge including history of flying, basic principles of flying, how powered aircraft works, the typical training aircraft, aviation terminology, air law and flight rules, flight procedures, simple navigation, radiotelephony communications and how weather conditions affects flying.

(2) First Solo Module (Prerequisite: Sky Experience Module) (25 hours)

Students will be taught in details in many areas such as the engine systems, flight instruments, more on operational procedures, flight performance and basic navigations using aeronautical. Most importantly, students whose mother language is not English will be trained intensively on their competence of radiotelephony conversation using a simulated environment.

(3) Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) Module (Prerequisite: First Solo Module) (25 hours)

With a RPL license (latest name), students may carry passengers to fly in designated areas where they have been trained. This module will focus more on specific topics that are required for qualified solo flying such as the aircraft performance, calculation on load & balance, documentations, emergency procedures, meteorology and human factors. In addition, more radiotelephony conversation exercises in a simulated environment will be practiced.

We accept school-based class*.   Teachers from all secondary schools are welcomed to contact us.   
(* Class will be held at secondary school.  Class schedule can be specifically arranged to fit into sceondary school calendar.  Minimum class size: 15 students)

Class Details
(1) Sky Experience Module (25 hours)

Details are to be confirmed.

(2) First Solo Module (25 hours)

Details are to be confirmed.

(3) Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) Module (25 hours)

Details are to be confirmed.



  • #Simulation practice class will be held at Fortress Tower Learning Centre.
  • ##The course is jointly organized by Hong Kong Flight Training Centre (
  • ### HKU SPACE reserves the right to make changes on the timetable if necessary.
  • #### HKU SPACE reserves the right to cancel a course in case of insufficient enrollment or unforeseen difficulties arising from running the course.
  • 25 hours per module

Teacher Information

Calvin Lau (Director) or other tutors from Hong Kong Flight Training Centre


Course Fee
  • HK$3,100 per module
  • HK$800 (Learning material for the 3 modules. Fee should be submitted to tutor in the 1st lesson of Sky Experience Module)

Entry Requirements

Senior secondary students with average ability in written and spoken English.


Application Form Download Application Form

Enrolment Method

Applicants shall submit following items to any HKU SPACE Enrollment Centers or post to 13/F, Fortress Tower, 250 King's Road, Fortress Hill, HK (To: Angel Chow):

  • Completed application form
  • Cheque $3,100 (Make payable to ‘HKU SPACE’ with applicant’s name and course applied written on the back.)
  • Completed Parent/Guardian Consent Form (Applicants who are below age 18)