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6月 2024

人工智慧 - 好、壞和醜陋 (2024年6月19日)


2024年6月19日 (星期三)13:00 - 13:30
  • Mr Thomas Lee

Mr Thomas Lee

Mr Lee is a computer and project management professional who has worked in the information technology and data science industry for over 30 years under vendor environments including HP Inc., Dell, Fossil, Motorola network and GP Batteries. In the past ten years, Mr Lee focused on new product introduction, design for manufacturability, quality assurance & production risk management among manufacturing plants in China & Taiwan utilizing various data sciences tools and methodologies. Mr Lee is qualified as a Microsoft Certified Trainer in delivering Microsoft training modules based on Azure technology. He has been teaching courses related to Big Data, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Cyber Security and Fintech since 2020. Mr Lee is a certified Project Management Professional, PMP from Project Management Institute PMI, US from 1998 and a Certified Scrum Master since 2018. Mr Lee holds a Master of Health Science degree in Biomedical Engineering from University of Toronto, St. George Campus, Canada. He currently works on projects as an enabler for Inclusion and Accessibility utilizing the artificial intelligence technology.

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Postgraduate Diploma in FinTech and Legal Regulations Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Analytics and Algo Trading Postgraduate Diploma in Finance and Data Analytics Certificate for Module (Technical Analysis and Data Analytics for Stock Investment) Certificate for Module (Business Intelligence and Data Automation) Certificate for Module (Business Analytics and Web Scraping) Certificate for Module (Big Data Governance and Data Compliance) Executive Certificate in Interpretation and Visualization of Business Big Data Big Data and FinTech Executive Workshop Series - Big Data and Data Visualization Big Data and FinTech Executive Workshop Series - Applied AI and Business Analytics