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Certificate for Module (Butler Service)

CEF Reimbursable Course (selected modules only)

CEF Reimbursable Course (selected modules only)

Course Code
Application Code

Study mode
Start Date
20 Jul 2024 (Sat)
4 weeks to 6 weeks
English, supplemented with Cantonese
Course Fee
HK$15,000 per programme *(excluding the field trip expenses)
Deadline on 07 Jul 2024 (Sun)
2867 8483 / 2867 8408
2861 0278
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Butler service skill is the core knowledge and skillsets that should be acquired by attendants who are now serving or aspired to serve in private jets, serviced apartments, luxury hotels and super yachts. The needs of manpower with such expertise and skillsets are well expressed among many luxury hospitality service providers in Hong Kong and in the region. Students graduating from this programme will pursue a career in the luxury service sector.


(1)  Potential Employment Opportunities:
After completion of the programme, students may pursue career opportunities in butler service provision in the luxury and private settings of hotels and resorts, service apartment, super yachts and private jets.  Our teachers and guest speakers are in the field who can give you solid and useful advice!

(2) Strong Connections with Business Aviation Industry and Eligibility of Student Membership:
HKUSPACE works closely with two business aviation industry associations namely:
(a) Association of Business Aviation Professionals
It may provide useful employment information to our students. Association of Business Aviation Professionals is renowned for the excellence in its training standard and the first non-profit private jet industry association in Asia.
(b) Asian Business Aviation Association (AsBAA)1
AsBAA Discovery is a non-profit association representing business and general aviation in Asia. THREE major benefits of joining this association: 1) Connect students and job-seekers of all ages with careers in business and private aviation; 2) Attend the unique and special events of AsBAA to enrich the industrial knowledge; 3) Excellent networking opportunities.

Ms Jenny Lau

Sarah Kalmeta, Head of AsBAA Discovery

“We are truly excited about this step forward for AsBAA Discovery and the community. We are confident that the partnership with HKU SPACE will benefit young people while ensuring that business aviation is front and centre of aviation education programmes in Asia. We look forward to the programme’s launch and to furthering Discovery’s meaningful impact from the grassroots of education”.


(3)  Financial Assistance:  
(a) Maritime and Aviation Training Fund
The $100 million Maritime and Aviation Training Fund (MATF) approved by the Legislative Council in January 2014 came into operation on 1 April 2014. The Fund is to sustain and enhance existing training schemes and scholarships, as well for launching new initiatives for the aviation sector. The aim is to build up in due course a vibrant, diversified and competitive pool of professionals and technical personnel to support Hong Kong’s future development in the aviation sector. Each Eligible applicant of Professional Training and Examination Refund Scheme (ProTERS) are refunded with 80% of the fees after completing approved courses or passing examinations, subject to a cap of $30,000 (whichever is less) for the pre-approved course/examination (LINK ). Please note that the eligible applicant should be full-time employment in the aviation sector with an organization/company in Hong Kong.
此課程已列入<海運及空運人才培訓基金>的<專業培訓課程及考試費用發還計劃>名單,「基金」最多可獲發還80%或上限30,000港元的費用 (以數額較小者為準) 。

(b) Continuing Education Fund (CEF) CEF Reimbursable Course (selected modules only)

Some modules of this course have been included in the list of reimbursable courses under the Continuing Education Fund (CEF).
此課程已列入持續進修基金 CEF 認可課程(只限部分單元)

*According to the terms and conditions of the Continuing Education Fund, students seeking reimbursement of the fees under CEF must not have obtained any other publicity-funded financial assistance, such as MATF, for the same module to avoid double benefits.

(4)  Valuable Field Trip Experiences:  
Students will be arranged to overseas and/or local field trips (e.g. Hong Kong International Cruise and Yacht Festival 2019, yacht club, Zhuhai/Macau/Shanghai AIRSHOW,  Hong Kong Business Aviation Centre, Private Jet aircraft visit, luxury hotel, wine cellar, cigar shop, etc…). They will be able to learn the ground and/or on-board operation and procedures in real world setting through these visits, gain the latest development and trends of the business aviation industry from different guest speakers and teachers who are practitioners in the luxury cruise, super yacht, private jet management companies and/or luxury hospitality service providers.




(5) Experienced teachers:
Our teachers come from strong hospitality and/or business aviation industry background, and students will gain extensive industrial knowledge with a lot of insights from teachers.



Teacher/ Guest Speaker Profile:

Ms Cindy Tse

Director Cabin Services,
Sino Jet Management Limited

“”This program is designed for any students who are interested in butler service provision in the luxury and private settings of hotels and resorts, yachts and private jets. Students will be introduced professional service skills and exceptional standards of butlers in different aspects, such as etiquette and protocol, valeting services, table management, housekeeping management to decorating tips and luxurious food & beverage preparation.  These skills are all very essential in order to succeed.

My teaching philosophy is “to always thrive for the best” which means that students should always focus on positivity and improve for self- betterment. After completion of the course, we have several successful stories and some of them had final interviews lined up in the private jet sector industry. “”



  • Commercial and Private Airline and Airport Management 
  • Education
  • Leadership & Talent Development
  • Luxurious Service & Hospitality

Selected Experiences

  • Gained working experience in the aviation industry for more than 20 years
  • Specialized in Team Leadership & Talent Management Programs
  • Design and deliver behavioral and organizational development programs
  • Certified Etiquette, Manners & Life Skills Trainer
  • Certified Crew Resources Management Trainer
  • Certified FISH ©Trainer
  • CIPD In Learning & Development
  • Energetic and experienced multi-lingual professional with solid track record of supporting senior executives in maintaining the highest standards of premium customer satisfaction


Dr. Ken Wong


  • Casino and Luxury Hotel Management
  • Food and Beverage  
  • Professional Butler Services

Selected Experiences

  • More than 20 years of oversees hospitality and lifestyle development experiences
  • Studying in Business Administration, Financial Management, Neuro - Linguistic Programming, Food and Beverage Management, Food Hygiene with Wine Course
  • High profile, executive service professionals, private households and training
  • Hong Kong and Macau - Management of IPO listed restaurant chains
  • House management, majordomo, protocol services with casino and hotel experience
  • Strategic planning and execution, possess proven skills in examining
  • Re-engineering operations and procedures, demonstrate ability to analyze and interpret financial data, manage resources with conducting an internal investigation

Programme Details


This programme is designed for students who are interested in butler service provision in the luxury and private settings of hotels and resorts, yachts and private jets. Students will be introduced professional service skills and exceptional standards of butlers in different aspects, such as etiquette and protocol, valeting services, table management, housekeeping management, and food & beverage preparation.


On completion of the programme, students should be able to:

1. Identify the roles, attributes and ethics of butlers;
2. List and describe the basic butler service techniques;
3. Explain the professional standards of food and beverage butler services; 
4. Discuss the housekeeping and decoration techniques of butlers; and
5. Illustrate the butler administration procedures.

Programme Structure

This 12-credit programme will have 36 face-to-face lecture hours, 3 hours for non-lecture activities, such as site visit and seminar and 8 hours for E-learning activities. Students will be arranged to have field trips and visit these facilities and/or service providers in Hong Kong so as to broaden exposure and learn in-depth about the industry. This can gain the insights of operation and procedure in a real world setting, and these are arranged at students’ own expenses.


Contact Hours


Details of Module

Butler service


36 lecture hours +

3 hours for field trip/site visit/seminar + 8 hours E-learning Exercises


The butler service skill is essential and core knowledge to be acquired by luxury hospitality practitioners, luxury services provider, private jet, yacht attendant, such as:

  • The concepts of butler service
  • The history and tradition of butler
  • Communication and Butler Service skills: interpersonal and communication skills, the art of conversation, butler and cultural etiquette, personal grooming and hygiene
  • Valeting and personalized services: laundry and wardrobe management; care of fine clothes and shoes, pet care, removal of stains,
  • Packing and unpacking of suitcase, clothing and other personal items for clients
  • Food and beverage service: menu planning, introduction to fine dining food items, Food hygiene and sanitation of the pantry
  • Decoration and floristry: proper presentation of silverware, glassware, crystal, antiques, paintings, China and flowers, table linen, creating ambience
  • Housekeeping and laundry: security and caring of valuables, how to clean, store, polish, purchase and replenish items and equipment
  • Butler administration
  • Confidentiality and ethics