Information Seminar - ACCA Exam Preparatory Programme - Strategic Business Leader (SBL) (14 Jun 2018) - HKU SPACE
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Jun 2018

Information Seminar - ACCA Exam Preparatory Programme - Strategic Business Leader (SBL) (14 Jun 2018)

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The Professional level of the ACCA Qualification will become Strategic Professional from the September 2018 exam session - featuring two new exams:

1) Strategic Business Leader (SBL)  Click & Apply!

2) Strategic Business Reporting (SBR) Click & Apply!

To introduce the changes in ACCA qualification and help students to get prepared for ACCA Qualification, we are pleased to invite
Mr. Alfred Lo to introduce the Strategic Business Leader (SBL) syllabus and specimen paper 1.

Alfred Lo has extensive practical and teaching experience in both the accounting and strategic management discipline. He has worked as the Controller of corporations in Canada, started businesses both in Canada and in Hong Kong. He has taught full time at Lingnan University for seven years and have been conducting classes for HUK SPACE for over twenty years. Mr. Lo has taught the P1 preparatory course since the inception of the paper in 1997 and delivered lecture for the P3 paper for a good number of years.

ACCA Professional Examinations Preparatory Programme

HKU SPACE is the “GOLD” Approved Learning Partner for ACCA and has been offering the examination preparatory programme for more than 18 years.
We offer a 33 hours exam preparatory courses for F7 - F9, P1 - P3  paper.

Audio Recording: Recording will be available upon request.
Tutor Support: Student can obtain full support from your tutor by email.
Study Room: Available to students at various Learning Centres of HKU SPACE.
Study Text: Special discount to students for BPP ACCA study text.
Interest-free instalment payment: Holders of the HKU SPACE MasterCard can enjoy a 10-month interest-free instalment period for enrolment over HK$2,000.

For more details, please contact Mr. Lau at 2867 8487 or search our website