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Dec 2021

Healthy Ageing and Wellness

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18Dec 2021 (Sat)14:00 - 14:45 Free
Mr Louis Hui
Mr Louis Hui

Mr Louis Hui

BSc, MBA. Advisor of social enterprise "Happy Retired". Manager of an active ageing group of 80 people and its activities. Part-time local tour leader for "Happy Retired" and others to visit country parks, museums, and Science Park (participants learn the active ageing medical technology).

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Healthy Ageing and Wellness

The talk aims at individuals working or intending to work, or who have an interest in the quality of life of ageing or helping aged persons.
- Review of the Hong Kong situation with aged population.
- The importance of ageing actively.
- Brief presentation of the Postgraduate Diploma in Active Ageing and Recreation Management.