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Dec 2022

The impact of genomics on healthcare

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CLST Open House 健康在線
Medical Sciences

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Date & time
17Dec 2022 (Sat)16:00 - 17:00 Free
  • Dr MA Shiu Kwan, Edmond

Dr MA Shiu Kwan, Edmond

Specialist in Haematology; Director, Clinical Pathology & Molecular Pathology Division, Honorary Consultant in Haematology, Honorary Consultant in Pathology, Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital; Honorary Clinical Associate Professor, HKU

Genomics has played an important role in disease characterisation and genetic susceptibility testing. The molecular technologies enable the medical professionals to identify the risk factors of diseases at DNA level, and bioinformatics is a powerful tool to analyse the large amount of data generated from high throughput technologies. Molecular technologies and bioinformatics support genomics to reveal the underlying mechanism of disease and lead the future healthcare towards Precision Medicine with effective diagnosis and personalised treatment.