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Hong Kong Statistical Society Examination

Pursuing Qualifications Leading to the Statistician Profession

The Hong Kong Statistical Society (HKSS) examination is a recommended avenue for pursuing qualifications at various levels of the statistical profession. It isorganised by the HKSS, which is a professional society founded in 1977.

The HKSS aims at promoting the development of statistics by providing a medium for advancing knowledge and enhancing appreciation of the theory and application of statistics.

The qualifications conferred by the HKSS are recognised as of a standard equivalent to the same qualifications conferred by the UK Royal Statistical Society (RSS). The qualifications awarded by the HKSS have also been accepted by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government for appointment to entry ranks of government statistical grades. 

Holders of the Graduate Diploma conferred by the HKSS are eligible to apply to the HKSS for the professional qualification of Graduate Statistician.

Moreover, anyone who receives the HKSS’s Certified Statistician accreditation will, upon application to the American Statistical Association (ASA), be automatically granted ASA Accredited Professional StatisticianTM status, provided that such individuals maintain their membership in HKSS.

Candidates may wish to note that the HKSS will discontinue offering its professional examinations after the 2017 round of the examination. This follows the decision of RSS that it will discontinue its professional examinations after 2017 and will move to an accreditation model. The HKSS will also explore the feasibility of adopting similar accreditation model in Hong Kong. Updated information will be announced at the website of the HKSS once available.

  • HKU SPACE offers an application and registration service to the HKSS for all applicants for the examination.
  • The examination consists of three levels, viz. the ordinary certificate level, the higher certificate level and the graduate diploma level.
  • The ordinary certificate is offered in a modular form consisting of two modules.
  • The higher certificate is offered in a modular form consisting of eight modules which may be taken singly or in any combination. Each module is separately certificated. The higher certificate as a whole is awarded on successful completion of six modules (subject to some restrictions on choice of modules); the "shelf life" of modules leading to this certificate is unlimited.
  • The Graduate Diploma is offered in two versions:
    1. The "traditional" version consists of five compulsory papers. These are Statistical Theory and Methods I and II, Applied Statistics I and II and an Options Paper. The subjects in the Options Paper take the form of half-syllabuses in the following six subject areas: Statistics for Economics, Econometrics, Operational Research, Medical Statistics, Biometry and Statistics for Industry and Quality Improvement. Candidates are required to answer questions on two of these half-syllabuses. This version of the graduate diploma is available for the last time in 2009 but will cease to be offered as from 2010. Candidates entering the graduate diploma for the first time in 2009 must register for the modular version. Transitional arrangements will be available for candidates who are part-way through the traditional version after the 2009 examinations, so that they may transfer to the modular version in 2010 but with credit given for work already completed.
    2. The Graduate Diploma is also offered in modular form, consisting of five modules which may be taken singly or in any combination. Each module is separately certificated. The graduate diploma as a whole is awarded on successful completion of all modules; the "shelf life" of modules leading to this diploma is unlimited.
  • Details about arrangements for sitting the papers at the three different levels mentioned above can be found on the website of the HKSS at


For the ordinary certificate and the higher certificate, candidates may opt to sit for papers in either English or Chinese. For the graduate diploma examination, all papers must be answered in English.

HKU SPACE offers the “Certificate in Statistics (Practical Survey Sampling)” supporting tuition course, which is useful for candidates sitting the HKSS examinations.

Candidates can choose to prepare for the HKSS examinations by self-study or enrolment on such course.

If candidates who wish to sit the examination to be held in May 2017 must submit the following applications by the specified deadlines:

Application Deadline
Membership 31 January 2017
Exemption 24 February 2017
Examination 10 March 2017

Application forms and all examination materials can be downloaded from

Address: The Hong Kong Statistical Society Examination Office,
c/o HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education
Room 313, 3/F, Admiralty Centre, 18 Harcourt Road, Hong Kong
Tel: 3761 1121
Fax: 2527 0489

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 9:00 am to 7:30 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Sunday and Public Holiday: Closed