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Fight the pandemic together with Hong KongEvent Recap

Fight the pandemic together with Hong Kong

After a new type of coronavirus has hit Hong Kong, and putting safety as our priority, HKU SPACE started taking certain emergency measures from the end of January, including cancelling face-to-face classes, activating online teaching support, launching “Don’t Stop Learning” online lectures, as well as community caring activities. The School has fought this pandemic battle together with students and Hong Kong society.

Go full-speed online with e-learning support

During class-suspension, the School has taken a proactive approach to adopt e-learning and given interactive lessons through virtual classrooms, Webinars, SOUL (online learning platform), Zoom (video chat software) and Vimeo (video sharing platform). Through these platforms, teachers could upload class materials, online tests, while students could submit their homework and engage in discussions.  These tools enable students to join classes and interact wherever they are.  The Schools has given more than 10 e-learning training sessions to over 800 members of faculties, and together we have held 9,300 online classes, which equals to more than 150 lessons per day, encompassing dozens of subjects and disciplines. 

To meet the needs of secondary school students, HKU SPACE Community College launched “Don’t Stop Learning” live online lectures on its YouTube live channel.  Between February and April, the School has put together over 20 lectures for more than 6,500 students, parents and teachers, continuing our mission of continuing education for different age groups. 

Emotional detox – bringing positive energy

Today, as we face the coronavirus epidemic, many feel frightened and helpless. Thus, the School launched community caring activities to provide citizens with health information and epidemic prevention tips. The Chinese Medicine division of HKU SPACE, HKU Faculty of Medicine and HKU Nursing have introduced people to different epidemic prevention knowledge, such as breathing techniques, soup recipes for epidemic prevention, homemade hand rubs and masks, etc.

The School has also launched a series of special online talks on "Covid-19 Wellness" to help people manage pressure, release anxiety and increase positive energy. The first talk "How to embrace Positivity amid Covid-19" was held on 28 March by psychiatrist, Dr Sylvia Chen; the second talk “How does Positive Psychology help us to face the pandemic” was held on 11 April by Mrs Lu Chan Ching-chuen, clinical psychologist; the third talk “How to build your career resilience” was held on 18 April by authorised Coaching Trainer, Mr Samuel Lau.

Encourage each other and lift your spirits

The pandemic of Covid-19 has changed the course of many people’s lives. In this time of uncertainties, try not to see the world with a pair of ‘grey-coloured glasses’.  In life, the only thing constant is change; and changes often bring the best out of you.  Members of the HKU SPACE Alumni Council wrote down some heart-warming messages to everyone, and let’s keep the spirits up. Please click here for details.